Lampert’s BBQ to Return Feb 5, This Time in Maplewood

January 30, 2015 - bbq set

lampertsqshack.jpgPatio construction during Lampert’s Q-Shack. | Angie Lampert

Lampert’s is a name grill fans are informed with. Father-daughter group Larry and Angie Lampert have been portion a good things in Webster Groves, Rock Hill and Maryland Heights only in a final few years. Their operation in Maryland Heights sealed final year, though a Lampert’s have taken over a shed (literally) before famous as BJ’s BBQ — we competence commend it as a grill shed in a parking lot of Walgreens during Manchester and McCausland. After a small upgrade, it is set to open subsequent week as Lampert’s Q-Shack.

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The owners of BJ’s apparently only walked divided one day, and a Lamperts know a owners of a used automobile lot adjacent to Walgreens, who possess a shed and asked if they knew anyone who competence be interested. A week later, a Lamperts had a keys and were going to give it a go.

They operated Lampert’s Q-Shack final tumble from around Aug to Nov to get a feel for a traffic, business and what accurately it would take to run. But now, it’s opening in aspiring with a further of a full rug on a front and a lonesome square on a side. It’s still a walk-up counter, though now there are some-more than 40 outside seats.

“We’re gripping it down and unwashed grill — pulled pork, pulled chicken, rib tips, a half chicken, gloss sausage, and afterwards your sides, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans,” Angie Lampert tells us, adding that they wish to keep lunch underneath $9. “It’s zero fancy. I’m not a chef, Larry’s not a chef. We like to go in, we like to have fun, make good barbecue, accommodate a customers, make friends — and if that means we can tighten adult during 4 p.m. we do!”

Right now, Lampert’s Q-Shack will be open Thursday by Saturday, commencement Feb 5. Come Daylight Saving Time, it will be open Monday by Saturday.

“It’s barbecue, we know? It’s simple. This imagination business, like Wildsmoke or places like that — no,” Larry Lampert says. “Mike Johnson is doing a good job, Pappy’s does a good job. And these other people that come, in they try and do imagination stuff. We’re not doing that. I’m too aged for that!”

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