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March 20, 2018 - bbq set

A Grand Slam Platter with brisket, pulled pork, burn siu pig swell and ribs during Liberty
Barbecue in Falls Church. (Dayna Smith/For a Washington Post)

The smoker during Liberty Barbecue in Falls Church is a hand-me-down from a prior passenger of a space: a Famous Dave’s opening that fell plant to a chain’s cost-cutting measures. The gas-assisted appurtenance is not a kind that creates pitmasters drool, though it’s a kind that creates a class with city health inspectors. It’s a standard, set-it-and-forget-it civic smoker — safe, nauseous and reliable.

But here’s a thing: Dedicated pitmasters have been anticipating ways to manipulate these large-capacity contraptions to furnish smokier, some-more tender barbecue. They might spin off a gas duty on a unit, relying usually on smoldering logs to prepare their meats. Or they might spin a thermostat so low that a gas never kicks on. Whatever a technique, a pitmasters are willfully undermining a really purpose of these machines, that is to make low-and-slow griddle easy for anyone to master, even a underpaid line jockeys operative during each Famous Dave’s.

Technically, we guess, we could pile Matt Hill into a difficulty of rookie pitmasters. The chef, who oversees a contingent of associated restaurants in Clarendon, including Liberty Tavern, had never run his possess smokehouse until sister griddle Liberty Barbecue came along late final year. But Hill is a child of North Carolina — Charlotte, to be accurate — where a griddle traditions run low and proud. He recalls smoking his initial pig shoulder on an makeshift griddle during age 14, or maybe 15. He can’t remember a accurate date because, in all likelihood, it was no large deal. Just a customary sermon of thoroughfare for any child who grew adult with a smell of chopped pig in his nostrils.

Chef Matt Hill, left, plates wings subsequent to sous cook Wilson Giron. (Dayna Smith/For a Washington Post)

Hill had lusted after his possess griddle corner for years, nonetheless he’s been using kitchens prolonged adequate to know he would need pitmasters with genuine knowledge if he wanted to tinker with that Southern Pride rotisserie smoker in a kitchen. So he hired a span of pros: Dan Till, a maestro of Pork Barrel in Alexandria, and Wilson Giron, a former executive sous cook during Texas Jack’s in Arlington. Together, this contingent forever searches for ways to urge a opening of their smoker, and their formula are plain and infrequently even impressive, nonetheless not consistently so.

The initial time we visited Liberty, it was an unseasonably comfortable day in February, griddle continue in winter. we sat during a bar, admiring a ethereal space with a brew of dais seating and simple, armless chairs placed around family-style tables. It reminded me of an outside picnic, usually set in a climate-controlled room with a full bar and qualification cocktails. One component immediately stood out: There was hardly a snippet of fume in a air, a potentially worrisome pointer as we waited on a three-meat platter.

My platter arrived on a jelly hurl pan, easily installed with pulled pork, thick slices of brisket and dual clublike gangling ribs, a rib tips still attached. The smokiest of a 3 was, to my surprise, a ribs, that spend a slightest volume of time in a smoker. Seasoned with usually salt and pepper, a skeleton offered the kind of tasty insurgency that creates satirical into them such a pleasure. The pulled pig featured rich, stringy strands of shoulder meat, light on fume though prolonged on fatty, gooey flavor.

The brisket was a mongrel of this litter. Cut from a finish of a brisket, a slices sported a brawny, black-pepper-heavy bark, though secluded strength that had started to mangle down into particular fibrils, a certain pointer of overcooked meat. we chalked it adult to time, barbecue’s sworn enemy. It was good into a 8 o’clock hour when we dined, and we think a beef had sat in a warming section given morning, solemnly losing a figure.

Customers, from left, Patrick Hilburn, Lisa Hilburn, Neil Gallagher and Cameron Stark. (Dayna Smith/For a Washington Post)

A week and a half later, some friends and we pawed a approach by a four-meat platter, and it was as if a brisket had been shipped in from Central Texas. The cut of wet brisket most quivered, releasing a rush of hickory fume when upheld before my nose for inspection. This was objectively excellent barbecue, nonetheless we should indicate out one impending detail: Hill speckled me in a griddle before we sat down to eat. Now, he couldn’t accurately fume a whole new brisket for us, though he could make certain that usually a excellent slices were sent a way. The scales, I’d suggest, were sloping in a favor.

Just 3 months into a existence, Liberty Barbecue has navigated a comparatively protected course, gripping a menu parsimonious and manageable. Still, there are surprises, starting with a appetiser duck wings, so smoky, crackly and buttery they don’t need a sharp chipotle or Alabama white sauces. The strips of smoked pig belly, burnished with something approximating Chinese five-spice power, have a separate personality: infrequently organisation and smoky, and infrequently palatable and lined with griddle outlines for an biting finish. Honestly, I’ll take them possibly way, generally with a dash of a house-made Carolina vinegar sauce.

One of a astonishing pleasures during Liberty has zero to do with barbecue. It’s a pickle-brined boiled chicken, a plate featured usually on Mondays during Liberty Tavern. It’s a daily charity here, and we swear we could eat it only as often. The bird is brined for 36 hours in a reduction that includes apple cider vinegar, garlic, salt, sugar, dill seed and more. The duck is afterwards breaded and pressure-fried into a crackly specimen, with a sweetest, softest note of poison stealing in a background.

Pickle-brined boiled chicken. (Dayna Smith/For a Washington Post)

There’s nary a skip among a sides, nonetheless coherence can be an emanate here, too. One dusk a disposable tin of mac-and-cheese arrived unbending and lukewarm, as if it had hardly overwhelmed a salamander on a approach from walk-in to table; another night, it was creamy, eccentric and irresistible. The kitchen stumbled in other areas, too: a burger griddled to an roughly droughty state and a smoked-brisket chili that was so timidly spiced it most competent as tomato soup.

Bridie McCulla handles a desserts during Liberty Barbecue, as she does during all a sister establishments. I’d inspire we to save space for her Texas piece cake, a dim and fudgy provide that dares to advise that there’s no such thing as too most chocolate. This is not a pointed finishing course. It’s like a brisket of desserts, that is no doubt because we adore it.

370 West Broad St., Falls Church, Va.,

Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday; 11 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Nearest Metro: West Falls Church/VT-UVA, with about a 1.5-mile outing to a restaurant.

Prices: $4 to $32 for appetizers and salads; $6 to $55 for smoked meats, platters and entrees.

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