London weather: Londoners ready for a BBQ weekend as heat soars

May 6, 2016 - bbq set

Londoners were flocking to a city’s parks currently and powdering off their barbecues forward of a hottest weekend of a year.

The Met Office pronounced temperatures were expected to strike a high of 23C in a collateral today, rising by a grade tomorrow and set to stand to 26C on Sunday – hotter than a Costa Del Sol.

And notwithstanding fears of a silt dirt cloud streamer over from a continent, London was set to skip a misfortune of a pollution.

Forecasters pronounced a misty continue opposite a city this morning was due to “high-level cloud” rather than increasing levels of poisonous air.

Met Office meteorologist Emma Sharples said: “There is a bit of cloud around currently and tomorrow though there will be reduction pale continue on Sunday so it will feel really warm. We are awaiting it to be dry via a weekend with lots of sunshine.”

She added: “It will be misty during times though that is due to middle and high turn cloud rather than a diminution in atmosphere quality. Currently there are assuage levels of atmosphere wickedness and that will sojourn a box over a weekend.

“It will feel really comfortable in London so Londoners wanting to locate a bit of a zephyr should conduct to a Kent of Sussex coast.”

Not usually are a weekend temperatures aloft than a normal 16C for early May, it is a acquire service from a quite cold continue gifted in London final week. 

The collateral saw wintry showers with graupel (also famous as soothing hail) descending in some tools of a city and night temperatures forsaken next freezing.

However, it was not all good news on a atmosphere peculiarity front.

The tree pollen count is also set to arise via many of southern England, with those allergic to birch and ash pollen suggested to keep doors and windows shut. 

One in 4 of Britain’s 18 million grain heat sufferers are allergic to tree pollen, causing sneezing, a runny nose and tingling eyes during a deteriorate that lasts until mid-May when weed pollen starts to be released.

The Department for Environment, Food Rural Affairs (Defra) has expected there might be pockets of high levels of wickedness though London would shun a misfortune of a smog.

A matter on a Defra website said: “Southeasterly airflow from a continent is expected to inspire assuage atmosphere wickedness to insist opposite many areas of England and Wales, and maybe turn some-more widespread, inspiring Northern Ireland and tools of Scotland with locally high levels in places.

When levels are ‘high’ Defra states: “Adults and children with lung problems, and adults with heart problems, should revoke eager earthy exertion, quite outdoors, and quite if they knowledge symptoms. Older people should also revoke earthy exertion.

“Anyone experiencing annoy such as bruise eyes, cough or bruise throat should cruise shortening activity, quite outdoors.”

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