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May 9, 2016 - bbq set

There is zero some-more primal than cooking food over fire (sorry, tender food movement, yet I’ve got story on my side). Sure, we’ve incited cooking into an art, yet a fundamentals of fixation beef over feverishness are some-more or reduction built into a DNA now. Grilling should come naturally to everyone!

Oh, yet it doesn’t. Temperature government is tricky, and timing, essential – customarily ask anyone who’s been served a block of duck that’s charred on a outward and a pinkish salmonella stadium in a middle. Professional cooks spend many hundreds of hours mastering a techniques compulsory to furnish vast quantities of a far-reaching array of food, all off of one grill, and do it with consistency. Chances are, we don’t have that kind of expertise. And, even if we have spent a good volume of time behind a line, that’s no pledge a distractions of home life or your friends during a large BBQ celebration won’t derail you.

For would-be chefs with aspiration over their time or talents, we benefaction a Lynx Smart Grill. This is a pro-grade griddle with an army of sensors connected to a built-in mechanism that, by a internet, lets we “man a grill” from a comfort of customarily about anywhere we want. Hell, if it had a drudge arm, it could substantially ready yet you. But where’s a fun in that?

To be frank, we suspicion an internet-connected intelligent griddle would siphon a plea (and fun) right out of my outward cooking adventures. But we was wrong. we fast found out a precisionist side of me, that believes cooking over anything yet healthy hardwood is of a devil, loses 9 times out of 10 to a some-more practical, I’ve-got-a-hungry-family-to-feed-right-now side of me, that can’t repudiate a preference of a good gas griddle – let alone one that talks to me.

I’m an outward cooking purist, and a intelligent griddle finished a follower out of me, yet it is not yet a quirks and hurdles – not a slightest of that is a $7,000 cost tag.

The setup

The Lynx Smart Grill is an appliance, so a grade to that we contingency engage yourself in a setup routine will change formed on where we squeeze it. The Smart Grill is accessible by a series of dealers and contractors who will substantially offer some arrange of designation or extended smoothness service. If, however, we squeeze directly from Lynx, you’ll be doing a complicated lifting. The good news is, once we get a griddle to a final location, it many sets itself up.

Lynx SmartGrill

Lynx SmartGrill

Lynx SmartGrill

Lynx SmartGrill

Our examination section arrived on a pallet yet casters attached. Fortunately, with a bit of help, we were means get a Smart Grill down and insert a casters in customarily a few minutes. It was afterwards easy adequate (it’s heavy!) to hurl a griddle into a final position on a patio.

At this point, a Smart Grill needs dual things: energy and fuel. Without electricity, this griddle does nothing. Everything is electronic, so if there’s no opening nearby, be prepared to run a prolonged prolongation wire out to it. As for fuel, a Smart Grill can hoop healthy gas or propane – yet we contingency mention that we cite when we buy a grill.

I’m an outward cooking purist, and a Smart Grill finished a follower out of me.

Once powered and fueled, a Smart Grill is operational in primer mode. You can spin a burner nobs and it’ll be fire on in a matter of seconds. But we don’t wish to do that. Instead, squeeze your iOS or Android phone or inscription and ready to be oral to by your grill.

Once we press a energy button, small blue LEDs burst into movement – it’s roughly like observant KITT from Knight Rider, customarily in a glossy immaculate steel griddle instead of a black Trans Am. You and any friends we have around will be dazzled, if not amused. From here, you’ll need to bond to a griddle as a Wi-Fi entrance point, and entrance a Lynx Smart Grill app on your device. The app walks we by a elementary routine of feeding a griddle with your home’s Wi-Fi information, and a whole routine is finished in customarily a integrate of minutes.

Fancy features, polished design

With all a computing energy in play, it competence be easy to disremember some of a Smart Grill’s courteous features, yet there are plenty. For one, a whole thing is finished of seamless, high-thickness immaculate steel – that is partial of since it is so heavy. To make that weight a small some-more manageable, a grill’s hood is counterbalanced by a spring, that creates opening and shutting a lid buttery smooth.

Lynx SmartGrill

Even a barbecuing grates are immaculate steel, that means there’s no expel iron to keep seasoned, and no ceramic to chip off. Also, no rust!

The griddle has an interior light, that creates cooking in a dim a snap. The storage area next has magnetically cumulative doors, with a good volume of storage space in a doors themselves, and customarily a small bit in a categorical area. The mechanism and propane take adult utterly a bit of this space.

This is, by far, a hottest, many even-cooking gas griddle I’ve used outward of a blurb kitchen.

The stand-alone chronicle of a Smart Grill we tested has dual collapsible tables, one on any side, permitting for copiousness of workspace when we need it and compress storage when we don’t.

As for accessories, a griddle comes with a critical rotisserie connection – also all immaculate steel – with a three-speed engine that is powered by a griddle itself. You also get a imperishable CO vinyl cover and a small smoker box.

Integral to a grill’s opening are 840 block inches of sum cooking aspect (more with a incomparable models). All of a burners are infrared, and even a rotisserie burner can strech adult to 14,000 BTU. You will not wish for additional feverishness from this grill, nor will we ever protest about how a evenness of a heat. This is, by far, a hottest, many even-cooking griddle I’ve used outward of a blurb kitchen.

The not-so-smart

I have teenager quibbles with a Smart Grill, yet this is one we consider competence come as a warn to intensity users: The voice-recognition underline is a beating when it isn’t an annoyance.

The newness of vocalization to your griddle is strong and, in some cases, utterly useful, yet a newness for us wore skinny after a few weeks and, eventually, we stopped regulating it for anything solely branch a light on and off or removing a occasional standing update.

Lynx SmartGrill

We’ve been marred by Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s “OK Google,” all voice-interaction systems that do a conspicuous pursuit of translating what we’re observant into something actionable. You can ask Siri to set an alarm 5 opposite ways, and she’s going to get a summary no matter how we word it. We’ve come to design this kind of discerning function from all voice-recognition systems, yet a Lynx Smart Grill doesn’t have it — yet.

The voice-recognition underline is a beating when it isn’t an annoyance.

If we wish to use a voice-interaction feature, we need to memorize, roughly word for word, a accurate phrasing for any form of doubt or authority we wish to say. If we deviating much, a Smart Grill does a digital partner chronicle of shrugging a shoulders and asks we to repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

Also, even yet a Smart Grill’s arise difference are “Smart Grill,” a griddle wakes adult errantly sometimes, and customarily when we aren’t awaiting it. we was astounded a series of times by a scratchy, low-res MP3 voice loop in a passed of night some-more than a few times. Eventually, we close a whole voice apportionment of a griddle off.

This might sound like a outrageous emanate – and maybe it will be for we — yet it unequivocally wasn’t for me since all a best things this griddle can do is operational by Lynx’s iOS or Android app, and a app is excellent.

The app

In a video for this review, we uncover many of a app’s functions, and those cinema unequivocally do tell a thousand words, since a capability of this app runs flattering deep.

Creating your possess cooking recipe takes a small time during first, yet once we get a hang of it, it becomes a absolute tool. While some of a recipes Lynx itself has grown are flattering good, we found that we ready forms and sizes of meats not sufficient lonesome by Lynx or anyone in a Lynx Smart Grill community. So, we emanate my possess ready recipes and we make them accessible to other Smart Grill owners so they can try them out as well. It’s amicable grilling, and it’s a lot some-more fun than we suspicion it would be.

I didn’t wish to take any chances with my initial rotisserie chicken, for instance, so we went true to a Smart Grill app to find a recipe that worked with my distance of bird. we clicked a go button, set a rotisserie to a suggested speed, and let a app and griddle do a rest. The duck came out ideally cooked, with a gorgeously crispy brownish-red exterior.

Perhaps a biggest advantage a Smart Grill supposing me was reminders to flip food on time. I’m mostly dreaming by other BBQ celebration duties (I’m always a margarita guy) and a Smart Grill’s notifications helped keep me from over-charring about 30 duck drumsticks a few weeks ago.

I also enjoyed being means to get a griddle warmed adult as we headed home from a grocery store with beef and veg on board. To be clear, a griddle contingency be powered on by palm – we can’t do that remotely – yet we could call home, have my daughter spin on a grill, and we was means to start a warm-up routine on my approach behind to a residence so we could ready immediately on arrival. Necessary? No. Fun? Absolutely.

Warranty information

The Lynx Smart Grill’s immaculate steel body, cooking grates, categorical burners and rotisserie burner are all lonesome by a singular lifetime warranty. Other parts, like a gas valves, are lonesome for 5 years, while a computer’s CPU is lonesome for dual years. Everything is lonesome underneath a extensive one-year warranty. It’s also value observant here as good that any time we had to understanding with Lynx patron support, a knowledge was as reward as a griddle itself.


Outside of a Smart Grill’s voice approval being a bit of a nonstarter for me, a other problem we have with a Smart Grill is a price: $7,000. That is a large sum of income for a grill, no matter how intelligent it is. For perspective, Lynx sells a non-smart chronicle of this griddle (the built-in model) for about $3,700, and while that is a good cube of change for a grill, it suggests a computer, sensors, valve controls, speaker, and microphone — and a hours of growth it took to make it all work together — are value about $3,000 more. So we have to ask: If a smarts scarcely double a cost of a grill, is it value it?

The Smart Grill is clearly a oppulance product. Asking if it is value $7,000 is like seeking if a Lamborghini Aventador is value $400,000 – it depends on how ardent we are about outward cooking and being on a draining corner of technology. we suppose a cost will go down in time as Lynx recoups some of a cost of building a griddle like this, yet for now, a Smart Grill is for eager early adopters with adequate disposable income that $7,000 doesn’t prick too many if a product performs as promised. And on that final condition, we can endorse that it does indeed.

One thing is certain: If we deposit in a Lynx Smart Grill, we are going to be throwing a lot some-more cookouts than we used to, and your guest are going to marvel during what your new apparatus can do, since we can assure we they’ve never seen anything like it.

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