Mad Man’s KC BBQ set to open shortly in downtown Shawnee

February 3, 2016 - bbq set

The people during Mad Man’s KC BBQ have a graphic impression that’s tough to miss.

From a black food lorry to a assertive sow mascot, a owners and operators Caitlin Saxton and A.J. Mendenhall and their partner Clyde Alexander wish to we remember them. It’s a impression desirous by a film “Mad Max,” and it gets people’s attention.

Alexander says people can’t conflict a smell that wafts out of their smokers with hints of hickory, apple and cherry wood. Or they can’t conflict a meat, or a homemade chili, potato salad, mac and cheese, cheesy corn, pasta salad, baked beans or pickles.

For roughly 3 years, Mad Man’s KC BBQ food lorry has finished a name for itself around a Kansas City area. And for a past year, it’s finished a home bottom in downtown Shawnee out of a behind of a Masonic Lodge opposite Johnson Drive from City Hall. From that home base, Mad Man’s food lorry catered weddings and automobile shows, including a Shawnee Wheels and Dreams automobile uncover final year and a Louisburg Cider Mill in a fall.

“People kept disturbing us, seeking where they could find us,” Saxton said.

They had no grill front, simply handling out of an aged lorry that hardly fit a 3 of them. But a direct kept growing, and Saxton and Mendenhall began severely deliberation opening adult a restaurant.

“The food lorry was picking adult in popularity, and it only worked out ideally to open adult here,” Mendenhall said.

Within a past year, they watched a storefronts of a Iced Art bakery tighten and C Jacks Quiche pierce into a aged Shawnee State Bank building. Mad Man’s was already occupying a behind of both businesses and took advantage of a opportunity. The new grill is now set to open on Feb. 9.

Opening day will be a delight of years of possibility churned with talent.

Saxton met Mendenhall several years ago during a party, where Mendenhall was cooking a 90-pound whole hog. When Saxton tasted a pork, she had to accommodate a male behind a meal.

“It was a best food I’d had in my whole life,” she said.

Saxton, creatively from Raytown, Mo., and Mendenhall, creatively from Olathe, built a relationship, and she assured him they should open a food lorry to sell his barbecue.

So, in Feb 2013, they purchased an old, beat-up lorry and spent roughly a year regulating it up. They afterwards strike a streets, with Alexander offered classical grill and other equipment such as turkey legs. They shortly grown a following for dual specific equipment that they will sell during a new grill — grill impression travel tacos, possibly pig or brisket, surfaced with jicama slaw and cojita cheese, and their famous chili dogs.

They also honour themselves on creation all in house. That includes all of their sauces; they even bake their possess buns for sandwiches.

“Our beef is good adequate that we don’t even need sauce,” Saxton said.

But Mad Man’s isn’t only about a meat; they also offer a vegetarian smoked jackfruit surrogate for all of their meals.

Inside their new restaurant, they are stability to pull their “Mad Max” theme. There are lead wall sidings that line a whole restaurant, and a tables are finished out of hulk reclaimed handle spools. The dining area sits adjacent to an open prep area where people can watch their grill plates being constructed. There is also a village penetrate in a dining area where people can rinse off a additional salsa when they are finished with their dish but carrying to go to a bathroom.

“We wanted to be different,” Mendenhall said.

While a business owners are going by a outrageous enlargement with a new restaurant, they are already formulation for some-more this entrance year. Mendenhall pronounced they are removing a second food lorry and devise to enhance their menu this summer to embody sausage and duck dishes. They will continue to work their catering business and wish to shortly open a smoothness service. He pronounced he also looks brazen to being means to attend in village events such as a Old Shawnee Days parade.

“We couldn’t be in a improved location,” he said.

Mendenhall, a boilermaker by trade, schooled many of what he knows about grill from his stepfather. He has been smoking beef for many of his life.

Mendenhall pronounced that while flourishing adult in Olathe, he always suspicion of Shawnee as a “cool” place to be. He pronounced a plcae between a city and a some-more farming suburbs was appealing, even as a teenager.

“When we was flourishing up, we always suspicion this was a cold area, it’s got a lot of character,” Mendenhall said. “We’ve always been drawn to Shawnee.”

Now he’s looking brazen to summer, when families will be means to come downtown to suffer Splash Cove and revisit Mad Man’s or a other establishments on Johnson Drive.

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