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July 20, 2017 - bbq set

After some-more than 30 years of behaving blues, gospel and stroke and blues music, Oakland-based vocalist Lady Bianca understands a hurdles of creation a name for oneself as a lady in what many cruise to be a song genre tangible by masculine stars.

Decades of behaving in venues opposite a nation — including years of behaving alongside singer-songwriter Van Morrison before her possess tours as a vocalist and rope personality — have shown her that womanlike artists displaying usually as many talent as masculine artists are infrequently left out of a lineup for summer festivals and concerts.

Lady Bianca 

“I have found and I’m still saying a corrupt of a womanlike behaving in festivals,” she said, adding a usually approach she’s seen to stop a trend is to horde your possess concert. “There’s not a change of a masculine and female, black and white.”

So a artist is looking brazen to behaving in a Redwood City Police Activities League Blues, Music, ARTS BBQ Festival set to showcase a talents of organisation and women with their possess aptitude for blues song this Friday and Saturday in Courthouse Square. Though a artist believes womanlike blues artists merit some-more approval than they now receive, for her, a song is best served when a many gifted performers, no matter what their gender, are means to perform.

“If it was all adult to me, all of us would be behaving during one time,” she said.

Lady Bianca is no foreigner to bringing talent and singular sounds together, carrying grown one she feels is singular to a brew of gospel and blues elements that conclude a song she and her father write together. She is set to share her sound with festival goers Saturday, singing and personification piano alongside a guitarist, bassist and drummer.

For San Francisco-based jazz and blues artist Pamela Rose, also behaving during a festival, singing blues songs emblematic of a change in attitudes toward women over time is one approach to compensate reverence to a prolonged line of womanlike artists who she pronounced altered a story of a genre. She pronounced she is anxious this weekend’s festival facilities a series of womanlike artists to prominence a section of a genre’s story that is mostly lost.

“The voice of women in a blues has been there from a unequivocally beginning,” she said. “It was a women who popularized this music.”

Rose will be behaving alongside 5 other womanlike musicians Saturday who also contain a expel of a monthlong uncover she put together called “Blues Is A Woman,” set to run in Aug in San Francisco. Featuring a work of women who popularized a blues by live performance, film clips and storytelling, a uncover is directed during demonstrating how women made blues song and those who listened to it.

Having complicated a genre closely for some 10 years before bringing a uncover together, Rose pronounced she has grown in her appreciation for how many some of a womanlike artists and a messages they sent to their listeners altered a approach women were viewed by society.

“I indeed consider it desirous lots and lots of people and altered a review and recognition about women’s roles,” she said.

With a clarity of autonomy and resistance, in some cases, to a labels put on women by prior generations, early blues songs sung by clever womanlike singers signaled a change for women and their potential, pronounced Rose.

“This voice and this peculiarity of station adult for yourself unequivocally is unequivocally absolute and it’s a story that so needs to be told,” she said.

A lifelong tyro and now clergyman of a blues, Rose pronounced it’s been an respect to move women’s contributions to a genre to light in her work and looks brazen to pity a theatre with a organisation of gifted womanlike artists this weekend.

Though Lady Bianca concurred a hurdles she and other women have faced in posterior a blues, her recommendation to artists removing their start wasn’t gender-specific.

“It’s about a song sounding good, don’t H2O it down, make it strong, keep it alive,” she said. “That’s fun — how are we going to not have fun when we see a best blues singer?”

The Redwood City Police Activities League Blues, Music, ARTS BBQ Festival will be hold Friday, Jul 21, and Saturday, Jul 22, during Courthouse Square, 2200 Broadway. Visit for some-more information.

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