Maple Tree BBQ in Riverhead to be sole subsequent week

January 31, 2016 - bbq set

Maple Tree BBQ in Riverhead will be sealed for about dual weeks as a new owners comes in. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch, file)Maple Tree BBQ in Riverhead will be sealed for about dual weeks as a new owners comes in. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch, file)

Maple Tree BBQ in Riverhead will be sealed for about dual weeks as a new owners comes in. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch, file)

Maple Tree BBQ, that remade from a longtime deli into a grill residence 3 years ago, earning regard from food critics and inspired End End business alike, will be in a hands of a new owners subsequent week. 

Kevin Judge, a owners and cook of Maple Tree, pronounced Monday will be his final day during a West Main Street grill in Riverhead. The shutting date to finish a sale is set for Tuesday.

“We’re in a 14th year and it’s time,” Judge pronounced in an speak during a grill Saturday. “We enjoyed very, unequivocally many a time here. We conclude a community. We feel like it’s time to pierce on.”

The grill will be sole to Dennis O’Leary of Riverhead, who pronounced he skeleton to keep a Maple Tree name and keep many of a stream staff. The grill will be sealed starting Tuesday with a grand reopening scheduled for Feb. 11, O’Leary said.

“We adore Kevin’s business,” he said. “We’re gripping a same name and a same good bottom menu.”

Judge’s sons, Luke and Sean, who have turn informed faces behind a counter, will no longer work there as they pursue their possess career paths, Judge said.

O’Leary, 47, will be entering his initial incursion into a grill business. He formerly worked as a financial executive for Viacom. He left during a finish of a summer looking for a change, he said.

“I traded my two-hour invert for a 10-minute commute,” he said. “I only unequivocally wanted to do something opposite and something local.”

O’Leary’s wife, Andrea Glick, is a culinary humanities partner highbrow during Suffolk Community College. Glick will supplement some imagination as a consultant chef, O’Leary said.

He expects Evan McDonough, who creatively hails from Virginia, to turn Maple Tree’s new executive chef.

“He unequivocally has some endless experience,” O’Leary said, observant that McDonough was now down south doing investigate during grill places.

The grill thesis has been a strike during Maple Tree. Judge pronounced final year was a best business they’ve had.

“It’s good to be withdrawal with a success,” pronounced Judge, who lives in Melville.

Judge and his staff served adult an array of slow-cooked meats from ribs, chicken, pulled pork, pig shoulder to beef brisket surfaced with homemade sauces. It warranted a eminence as one of a 100 best restaurants on Long Island in 2014 by Newsday, that also listed it as one a “must-try grill spots on Long Island.”

“Our idea with a food was to have fun food,” Judge said. “One of a many fun things we had going on here is that guys who do their possess grill and smoking would come in and speak about it. We would have so many fun articulate over a counter.”

The change into grill dates behind to when Boar’s Head deli meats became straightforwardly accessible in internal supermarkets, Judge said. There became reduction inducement for people to stop into a deli to collect adult cold cuts, he said.

They indispensable to find a approach to stay relevant.

The answer was to furnish and fry their possess meat.

“As we started to fry a possess meat, we found that people like a grill flavors. And that’s what took us into barbecue.”

Through hearing and error, they grew to where they are today.

“To me, barbecuse only goes palm in palm with a vibe of a North Fork,” O’Leary said. “It’s authentic, it’s real. We wish to take what Kevin has finished and even make it that many some-more authentic.”

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