Massachusetts-Based Chain Oath Pizza Set To Open in Early 2018 in Navy Yard

December 5, 2017 - bbq set

Spicy Mother Clucker0576PreviewSpicy Mother Clucker Pizza pleasantness of Oath PizzaMassachusetts-born pizza association Oath Pizza recently pennyless belligerent on a new plcae in Navy Yard, a second D.C.-area try in new months. A Fairfax plcae debuted in October, and a association expects a D.C. correct plcae to launch in early 2018.

Oath CEO Patrik Hellstrand recognizes that a fast-casual pizza stage is usually flourishing and says Oath stands out since a thin-crust pizzas are done with approved benevolent ingredients. The membrane is hand-stretched, grilled, and parched in avocado oil, and all a mixture are “sustainable and ethically sourced,” and miss hormones and preservatives.

Much of the menu will be same to Oath’s other locations though Hellstrand says they’re operative on Navy Yard-specific pies too. “We try to always take a internal change wherever we go,” he says. To supplement some-more internal flavor, a pizza emporium will also have a picture desirous by a neighborhood.

Sample pizzas from other Oath locations embody a “Luau” with mozzarella, BBQ pulled pork, pineapple, dejected red pepper, BBQ sauce, and scallions, as good as a “Spicy Mother Clucker” with mozzarella, preserved red onions, spiced chicken, Sriracha, sharp aioli, and scallions. 

Prices will sojourn unchanging with a other locations, with half a cheese pizza accessible for $6 and a whole cake accessible for $8. The “highly decorated” options are $7 for half cake and $11 for a whole pie.

Hellstrand says he picked a D.C. area for their initial stores outward Massachusetts since Washingtonians seem to caring about where their food comes from and are ardent eaters.  

Oath “isn’t perplexing to contend that it’s softened than normal Neapolitan-style pizza, that can’t unequivocally be softened on since it’s amazing,” Hellstrand says. “If we have a membrane that’s so opposite it doesn’t unequivocally compare, afterwards we have an ability to make a opposite pizza that’s fun and unique.”

Oath Pizza, 110 M St. SE

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