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December 18, 2014 - bbq set

MOBILE, Alabama — Restaurants during any level, from fine-dining and fast-casual  to self-service and drive-thru, are lustful these days of ballyhooing during their possess singular “restaurant experience” that creates them mount out from a rest.

But there is a new fine-dining end in Mobile, one that truly sets a new customary for eating out. One that can truly exaggerate of carrying a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

The Melting Pot, located during 840 Montlimar Drive off of Airport Boulevard, is a grill distinct usually about anything else we will encounter. In this really plush, really stylish eatery we will find that a dining “experience” can take upwards of dual hours and we and your guest will have baked your possess meal.

The Melting Pot fondue grill is a really successful sequence of fondue restaurants that started in Florida and now extends opposite a country. There are 132 franchises national and a trend clearly is for more. There are 3 in Alabama – Birmingham, Huntsville and a newest plcae in Mobile.

The judgment is simple: Guests can tailor their dish to fit their mood, all from a lush four-course dining knowledge that includes appetizer, salad, entrée and dessert. Or we can simply sequence one of their delicious cheese appetizers or go true to one of their indulgent chocolately desserts.

“People here have been really welcoming and really receptive to a concept,” pronounced Russell Perkins, a handling partner and ubiquitous manager. “It is a singular dining knowledge and we have had lots of guest who are extraordinary about it, though once they get here and learn about it they are blown away,” he said.

The décor of this ultra-hip grill is usually that, really comfortable and mouth-watering with lots of comfortable hues and resigned lighting. The seating ability is a false 171. we contend false since it is a really insinuate dining knowledge in a vast setting; no matter where we are we feel like we are in a little setting.

For even some-more privacy, they have what they call a “Lover’s Lane,” a frame of small, particular booths that run down one wall and offer a totally private dining experience.

But what separates The Melting Pot from a rest of a dining area is a idea of cooking your possess food on a fondue pot on your table. That’s right, we prepare it yourself during a table; we are a usually one to hold a finished product before it hits your plate.

The initial thing that happens after we arrive and confirm on what we wish to sequence is a cheese course. When we consider of fondue we naturally consider of cheese, that is usually natural.

You can name from 4 opposite cheeses and my mother and we opted for a cheddar – a mix of aged, medium-sharp cheddar and Emmenthaler Swiss cheeses, lager beer, garlic and seasonings. The waitress delicately blended a cheeses, drink and seasonings in a fondue pot that was a centerpiece of any table.

But a centerpiece, a many critical partial of a whole set up, is a special initiation heating component that sits on any of a tables. It heats adult H2O that heats adult a pot that heats adult a gas or chocolate or cheese and in that we drop a pieces of bread, vegetables, seafood and meat. It is cold to a hold though it heats adult fast and efficiently.

The pots, we found out later, are specifically finished for The Melting Pot. They are indeed double boilers with a gas pot resting in a pot of prohibited H2O and reserve is always stressed. 

The wait staff contingency be specifically lerned for such avocation and go by a severe training routine that can take ceiling of dual weeks. They are a front line in ensuring that your dish during a Melting Pot is ideal; they are there to make suggestions and generally support we on this new kind of dining experience.

“We have unusual staff. we can’t contend adequate about them,” he said.

The waitress delicately exhilarated adult a mixture for a initial march and when it was finished she deposited a few bowls of crusty bread and some assorted vegetables. After a discerning march in fondue practice (no double-dipping and don’t eat directly off your fondue fork) we were off to a races.

It was strong juicy and honestly a lot of fun. We ate during a convenience and a cheesy fondue was fantastic. we consider my favorite ladle was a pieces of crusty bread that supposing a ideal taste for a slimey cheese.

Pretty shortly a salad arrived and it was a one partial of a dish that isn’t dipped into a prohibited glass and eaten.

“Nothing is baked in a kitchen,” pronounced Perkins.  They do all a prep work, chopping and dicing a vegetables and such, though many of a work is finished tableside. In fact, a usually oven in a kitchen is a little convection device.

The entrees arrived with some little pushing when another reliable assist fetched out a cauldron of piping prohibited broth. It arrived in hermetic steel enclosure and was piping prohibited when it arrived. We afterwards set out to skewer and prepare a food.

I systematic The Classic, that is one of a some-more renouned selections from their menu. It consists of pieces of Angus beef sirloin, Memphis-style BBQ pig medallions, Pacific white shrimp, herb-crusted all-natural breast of duck and teriyaki-marinated sirloin.

My bride opted for a French Quarter, that includes filet mignon, all-natural breast of chicken, Pacific white shrimp seasoned with Cajun spices and Andouille sausage.

I didn’t take prolonged for a gifted waitress to denote to a ham-handed food author a vagaries of a fondue pot. Skewer a meat, bread, unfeeling or whatever it is we are cooking and place it into a pot of prohibited broth. When it is baked to your fondness your mislay it to your place and accoutre with one of several delicious dipping sauces.

It’s indeed utterly elementary and a lot of fun.

We skipped dessert, though did get it to go. we confess that it didn’t demeanour like a lot of food, though by a time we were finished with a dish we was totally satisfied.

The melting pot has been open for a integrate of months and is in full travel now. Perkins pronounced they are bustling engagement Christmas parties and their special private dining room is ideal for such gatherings. They also usually started an central happy hour that runs from 5-8 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

“We have $5 cocktails, $4 wines and $3 beers for happy hour,” he said.

Another new underline that we envision will be renouned is Ladies Night any Wednesday where we can suffer $5 cheddar cheese fondue and name from a organisation of wines labelled during $10 a bottle.

Speaking of wine, something we like to do a lot, a initial thing we notice when we travel in a front doorway is an commanding wall of booze that is really impressive. “We have an endless booze attic with 50 wines underneath $50,” Perkins said. In fact, he said, nothing of their wines are some-more costly than that.

All-in-all, The Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant is a truly singular dining experience. It is not a place to go when we are in precipitate or wanting to squeeze something for a road. It is a dining end where we inspire we to go and douse yourself in a menu and a experience.

Other restaurants exaggerate of their singular dining experience; The Melting Pot truly is unique.

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