Monday Business Briefing: Aetna commits to Louisville, not Hartford; Momma’s BBQ set to free after blaze; Mightily …

February 8, 2016 - bbq set

Welcome to a Feb. 8 Monday Business Briefing, your private business comprehension digest from Insider Louisville.

Aetna commits to Louisville — won’t do a same for Hartford, Conn.

aetnaFolks in Hartford, Conn., are removing shaken about a Aetna-Humana partnership — in partial since they fear Aetna will obey Fairfield, Conn.-based General Electric and leave a state.

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini has attempted to reduce some Louisvillians’ fears about a company’s due $34 billion takeover of Humana — but, infrequently enough, he has declined to do a same in Hartford, where Aetna has a corporate HQ.

Bertolini pronounced during a new annual assembly of Greater Louisville Inc. that Aetna has done a joining to usually one location, and that’s Louisville.

It does not seem he was simply pandering to a Bluegrass: The Hartford Courant has reported that Aetna stays tight-lipped about possibly a organisation will keep a domicile — and 6,000 employees — in Hartford after a merger.

The paper reported that when asked about a Aetna HQ’s post-merger role, Bertolini answers in a benefaction tense, that Aetna “remains” headquartered in Hartford.

IL asked Aetna officials if the organisation has motionless possibly a HQ will sojourn in Hartford after a partnership and possibly a organisation is deliberation relocating a HQ.

The answer: “Aetna’s domicile is in Hartford, Connecticut.”

When IL followed up, indicating out that a plcae of Aetna’s stream HQ was not a indicate of row or confusion, and that a genuine doubt is where a joined organisation would be headquartered, IL perceived a one-sentence answer: “That’s a position and we do not criticism on any speculation.”

The emanate is eliciting some worries about pursuit waste in Connecticut — and intensity pursuit gains in Kentucky — reinforced by a new depart of corporate hulk General Electric. The as-of-yet primogenitor of GE’s Louisville-based apparatus multiplication pronounced final month it was moving a headquarters from Fairfield to Boston, in partial since of adult to $145 million in incentives and since of Connecticut’s mercantile troubles, according to WTNH News 8.

Which other corporate hulk also complained about Connecticut’s bill uncertainties?

You guessed it: Aetna.

Aetna went so distant as to contend last summer that a state bill offer that enclosed aloft taxes would “result in Aetna looking to recur a viability of stability vital operations in a state.”

Stephan Gohmann
Stephan Gohmann

An economics highbrow during a University of Louisville pronounced that businesses bottom plcae decisions on a lot of factors, yet Kentucky’s low corporate taxation rate, salary and Louisville’s high peculiarity of life positively make a state appealing for employers.

For example, Connecticut’s corporate taxation rate is 9 percent, 3 commission points aloft than Kentucky’s, and that could meant large assets for a organisation such as Aetna, pronounced Stephan F. Gohmann, director of a university’s John H. Schnatter Center for Free Enterprise.

If Aetna attempted to pierce hundreds or even thousands of jobs to Louisville, a company’s stream employees in Hartford would see poignant disruption.

For Aetna, anticipating thousands of rarely competent employees in Louisville competence be tough in an already parsimonious labor market. However, Gohmann pronounced a organisation could partisan employees from elsewhere — including from Connecticut, where cost of vital is many aloft than here.

According to a cost-of-living comparison calculator, a family domicile income of about $66,000 (Connecticut’s median) in Hartford would be homogeneous to gain of $48,500 in Louisville. That means if Aetna kept wages a same, employees who acquire $66,000 in Hartford would feel as yet they usually got a $17,500 lift by relocating to Louisville.

And, over a milder climate, Louisville has lots to offer in terms of peculiarity of life.

“Louisville’s a good place to live,” Gohmann said. —Boris Ladwig

Momma’s Mustard, Pickles BBQ scarcely prepared to free after grill fire

Momma's Mustard, Pickles  BBQ store in St. Matthews before a glow | Photo by Kevin Gibson
Momma’s Mustard, Pickles BBQ store in St. Matthews before a glow | Photo by Kevin Gibson

Stating that a St. Matthews Momma’s Mustard, Pickles BBQ would free a integrate weeks after a glow broken a kitchen was sad thinking, owners Chad Cooley admits now.

“I’m a absurd optimist,” he said, while sitting in a dining room of Momma’s Hurstbourne Parkway store.

Nearly 3 months later, however, a restaurant, located at 102 Bauer Ave., is roughly ready. Cooley pronounced he hopes to free Feb. 15 or 16, yet it could be a following week depending on when plumbing permits arrive.

“The city has been unequivocally on tip of things. They’ve been unequivocally useful removing us a permits,” he said.

After a fire, workers had to reconstruct a kitchen, redoing a plumbing and electrical work, constructing new walls and installing a new HVAC system.

The glow did have a china lining, Cooley said. It gave him time to lift a kitchen, get absolved of a theatre in a dining room, and finish some teenager remodeling and touch-ups.

“That kitchen was so small, and we usually grew so fast. We were usually always perplexing to keep a conduct above water,” Cooley said. “Our use should be improved out of a kitchen for sure.”

While word lonesome many of a costs, including dual months of compensate for his 30 St. Matthews employees, Cooley now is profitable their salaries out of his possess coffers until a free to safeguard they hang around.

“We have a shortcoming to a employees. Nobody can means to skip a paycheck or two, or 5 or 10 shifts,” he said. “We knew from a commencement we were going to take caring of a people. We had a good organisation over there. It’s tough to find any good assistance right now in restaurants. …I design us to be bustling when we reopen.”

The view fits in with what business already know about Cooley — he likes to give back. The grill donated tighten to $70,000 to internal charities in 2015, he said, partial of an ongoing module where Momma’s donates a apportionment of a profits. In 2014, Momma’s donated $43,600.

“There are a lot of good people who do a lot of good work for charities, and we usually wanted to be a partial of it,” Cooley said. “I can’t wait to eventually get to $1 million.” —Caitlin Bowling

Derby Festival seeks new sponsor for Thunder Over Louisville after McDonald’s pulls out

Thunder Over Louisville is looking for business sponsors.
Thunder Over Louisville is looking for business sponsors.

McDonald’s Restaurants of Kentuckiana will not lapse this year as a unite for Thunder Funder, a fundraising initiative that raises income for a Kentucky Derby Festival‘s kickoff event, Thunder Over Louisville. So a press recover that went out Friday seeking a new partner urges local companies to step adult — a pierce that could advantage both them and a Thunder festivities.

“Thunder Funder offers a singular eventuality for a organisation to partner on an eventuality with extensive promotional opportunities,” pronounced Mike Berry, KDF president and CEO. “It has helped lift a knowledge of Thunder for fans, and we wish another community-minded organisation will wish to partner with us for 2016.”

There is no criticism from McDonald’s as to since they pulled out, yet their partnership began in 2006 and offering “Thunder Funder” dishes and commemorative cups during area locations. McDonald’s stepped in as a unite when Kroger bailed after 10 years of appropriation it.

Berry pronounced a sponsorship is disdainful and can be customized to include everything from consumer rendezvous and traffic-driving promotions to liberality opportunities and day-of throng interaction.

“With a one-day uncover that costs over a million to produce, there is always eventuality for some-more partners to be involved,” he said. “In further to Thunder Funder, we also have liberality venues permitted for businesses to consider. We will lift all we can to put on a unequivocally best uncover for this community.”

The date for this year’s Thunder Over Louisville is Apr 23. Any meddlesome parties should hit Apr Zik, executive of sponsorship sales, during 572-3836 or —Sara Havens

Mightily helps Southern Comfort rebrand with new website


That’s a image Southern Comfort is raised via Mightily’s new rebranding campaign. The blended whiskey splash was combined in New Orleans by M.W. Heron, an Irish barkeeper whose congregation complained about a rudeness of a whiskies he was serving. He combined fruit and spices to whiskey to make it some-more #comfortable to drink.

Nick Huhn, tellurian digital module manager during Brown-Forman on a SoCo team, pronounced a organisation intent a services of a irritable Mightily to “showcase a new wrapping and rested branding elements.”

The new site lists a array of SoCo cocktail recipes with photos of a drinks.

The site also is individualized to SoCo’s tip markets, so photos, duplicate and recipes are opposite for opposite markets.

“Mightily did a illusory pursuit of bargain and responding to a business and branding needs,” Huhn said. “They were means to accommodate and conclude all a nuances compared with a website that serves dissimilar tellurian audiences.”

Last month, we reported that Brown-Forman has concluded to sell Southern Comfort and Tuaca brands to rival Sazerac for $543.5 million. However, a rebrand proceeded notwithstanding a deal.

“Whatever’s Comfortable” is a tagline for a campaign. The website also facilities links to a array of videos starring comic actor Danny McBride, who apparently, along with my mother, unequivocally likes him some SoCo.

There is also a integrate to a strain video starring McBride by a Detroit Grand Pubahs. The strain is “SHOTTASoCo” and a video facilities McBride drifting around during night after carrying perceived an entice to have a SHOTTA SoCo from a ladyfriend. The song’s lyrics advise that a SHOTTASoCo is a best approach to get we and your posse (who are “loco”) pumped adult to go dancing. The video was expelled late final year and has over 5 million views on YouTube. —Melissa Chipman

State lawmakers ignite automotive caucus

State legislators, including many from Louisville, have shaped Kentucky’s initial Automotive Caucus to keep a sepulchral automobile attention in high gear.

About 340 automobile prolongation businesses have invested scarcely $4.5 billion in Kentucky and combined about 20,000 jobs, according to a Kentucky Automotive Industry Association.

Ford Motor Co., that employs about 10,000 in a Louisville area, recently announced it would deposit $1.3 billion in a Kentucky Truck Plant for a next-generation Super Duty. The organisation also pronounced it would sinecure 2,000 people who would acquire during slightest $17 an hour.

The KAIA will work closely with a Automotive Caucus and auto-related businesses in a subsequent few years to concentration on tech development, workforce hurdles and “business-friendly taxation policies,” a organisation pronounced in a press release.

While automobile attention prolongation employees acquire an normal of about $58,000 and many do not need a four-year college degree, ability mandate are changing. Like many other businesses in a state and nation, automobile prolongation companies are struggling to attract and keep workers.

KAIA Executive Director Dave Tatman pronounced that today’s prolongation jobs need skills in math, electrical engineering and module development, and workers contingency be means to solve problems, multitask and work in teams.

More than 136,000 people work in automobile attention jobs, a organisation said. The country ranks third in a republic in automobile prolongation and second in light lorry production.

State Rep. Jim DeCesare, R-Bowling Green, a caucus’ co-chair, pronounced a lawmakers wish to make certain a attention continues to attain in Kentucky. “When it comes to Kentucky’s automotive prolongation industry, domestic celebration labels don’t apply,” he said.

The congress has some-more than 60 members, including Louisville-area state Reps. Kevin Bratcher, Mary Lou Marzian and Jim Wayne. For a full list of legislators on a caucus, we can click here. —Boris Ladwig

nurseVersity still chugging along

Tony Leonard’s nurseVersity, an online training module for nursing examination prep, is (unfairly) best famous in a Louisville startup stage as a organisation that was supposed to Velocity accelerator’s second cohort, stranded around for a small over a month, and afterwards mysteriously forsaken out.

There’s still some poser as to since that happened, yet Leonard has always positive people it wasn’t since a organisation was in trouble.

Turns out they’ve been chugging along utterly well. Late final month, 500 Startups announced nurseVersity would be partial of a 16th cohort. It’s a four-month module in San Francisco featuring later-stage seed companies creation between $10,000 and $100,000 per month in revenue. The concentration is on fundraising and distribution.

They expelled an app version of a examination prep final fall.

IL interviewed Leonard behind in 2014 while he was still in a Velocity program. He voiced his prophesy of formulating a “Versity” for usually about any standardised test. Now he says they’ll supplement dual some-more verticals to a module in March.

We’ll be articulate to Leonard and removing updates on nurseVersity after this week. Stay tuned. –Melissa Chipman

Betty Jeffries now permitted during brick-and-mortar plcae and some-more conform news

betty jeffries
Betty Jeffries | Facebook

Clothes from everybody’s favorite “food lorry that sells garments not food,” Betty Jeffries, are now permitted during Art Soul Beads at 2640 Frankfort Ave. The three-year-old organisation was founded by Ralph London and named after a real-world Betty Jeffries, his mom.

London describes his garments as being for a “modern career woman.” The garments are severely lovable and surprisingly inexpensive.

The organisation started online, yet final open launched a “fashion truck” — a verbatim mobile store — that travels to fairs, festivals and spasmodic usually parks downtown nearby large bureau buildings … usually like a food truck.

Starting in March, you’ll be means to emporium for Betty Jeffries garments during William Dean Salon on Bardstown Road, and in April, you’ll be means to get them during Blockparty Handmade on South Fourth Street. —Melissa Chipman

KMAC partners with artists to emanate ‘ARTLIK NuLu 2016’ installation

The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft has partnered with 10 internal artists to emanate a new open art partnership patrician “ARTLIK NuLu 2016,” that will be commissioned in several NuLu businesses starting Mar 3. The beginning — a mind child of art inciter Scott Rogers — is meant to furnish permitted art projects for open participation.

The uncover randomly pairs eminent artists with businesses, that will need a artist to unequivocally get to know a business they’re reserved to.

“Unlike many collaborative shows, a artists did not contention proposals for specific locations or spaces,” pronounced Rogers in a press release. “In that way, a artists are challenged to make it work within their reserved business. That is an sparkling partial of a show.”

Participating artists/businesses include: Andrew Cozzens during Royals Hot Chicken; Valerie Sullivan Fuchs during Climb NuLu; Jacob Heustis during Rye; Shohei Katayama during Feast BBQ; Matt McDole during Green Building (lobby); Letitia Quesenberry during Scout; Michael Ratterman during Decca; Gibbs Rounsavall during Gifthorse; Aaron Michael Skolnick during Please Thank You; and Matt Weir during Galaxie.

The businesses will yield a $300 contribution to a artists, and a limited-edition adult coloring book combined by a artists will be for sale during Scout for $4, with all deduction divided uniformly among a 10 artists.

The KMAC muster module facilities artists famous for pulling normal qualification processes over a boundary of required use and formulating new forms of inter-disciplinary art activity,” added Joey Yates, KMAC associate curator. “The internal artists enclosed in this uncover not usually support KMAC’s mission, yet they are also among a many deputy of a innovations within a widening contemporary art world.”

“ARTLIK” will be on arrangement from Mar 3-April 1. —Sara Havens

Taco Bell’s new product doesn’t live adult to a hype

My Quesalupa | Photo by Caitlin Bowling
My Quesalupa | Photo by Caitlin Bowling

California-based Taco Bell has built adult a latest menu further as a subsequent Doritos Locos Taco — an object that helped a Yum Brands’ auxiliary emanate a repute as a cool, innovative, with-it brand.

Taco Bell touted its new poser product as “the subsequent craveable food innovation” forward of its Super Bowl debut. However, those in a know — and those who cared — could pre-order and collect adult a poser object during Taco Bell stores national from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday.

It gave them a possibility to ambience it before others, yet a locate was that business wouldn’t know what a new menu object was until they picked it up. (Spoiler: It incited out to be the Quesalupa.)

This interrogation publisher set out to solve a mystery, formulating a Taco Bell comment online and pre-ordering one poser item. The website told me we would accept an email Saturday with instructions on how to compensate for my sequence and locations where we can collect it up.

Saturday came, but no email.

Taco Bell disappointment
Some Taco Bell business had their pre-order cancelled inexplicably. | Courtesy of Twitter

So, we took to Twitter, and it turns out we wasn’t a usually unfortunate customer. People who were sent a integrate to money in on a pre-order offer reported problems with a website. Some attempted to compensate online and were told their sequence was canceled, and we assume there were others like me who never perceived a email in a initial place.

Scrolling by Twitter, however, we found an instance where Taco Bell speedy one fan to simply revisit a store and ask for a Quesalupa. Rather than contention to defeat, we gave it a shot.

When we rolled adult to a drive-thru speaker, we explained what happened. The bargain manager rang me adult for a Diet Pepsi, and when we gathering adult to a window, we was handed my splash and a Quesalupa in a brownish-red bag that let people know “I’ve got a hookup.”

I fast pulled into a parking spot, grabbed a bullion foil-wrapped Quesalupa and took an requisite print before my initial taste.

Much to my disappointment, Doritios Locos Taco it is not.

While a beef was surprisingly dainty (likely due to lots of salt), a chalupa bombard fell flat. we was awaiting something flaky and crispy, yet a bombard was some-more like a sticky biscuit. Part approach through, my stomach started to spin after realizing how many douse we was consuming.

I finished adult usually eating about half a Quesalupa, a outcome of possibly being too full from a late lunch during Noodles Co. or not being drunk. Either way, a Quesalupa isn’t something we devise to sequence again.

Should we find myself inebriated and hungry, I’ll opt for a integrate Doritos Locos Tacos, or even better, Waffle House. —Caitlin Bowling

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