Nepal’s Biggest Barbecue Chain Is Set to Take Over America

June 29, 2018 - bbq set

For 8 years, Devkota could usually suffer that ambience as a memory — until this spring, when he became use manager during a code new Bajeko Sekuwa in Sunnyside, Queens, a scarcely 40-year-old Nepali chain’s initial plcae abroad. The bellow is back, and a cumin, mustard oil, and ginger-garlic pulp in it ambience only like he remembers.

After spending decades building itself into one of Nepal’s largest grill chains, Bajeko Sekuwa has set a sights on a rest of a world. The association aims to enhance opposite India, Dubai, Qatar, Australia, and Europe, and has skeleton for 5 to 6 some-more locations in a US. As Devkota and executive cook Surendra Rayamajhhi explain over a image of momos, a idea is zero reduction than swelling a gospel of Nepali cooking abroad and win over a palates of billions a approach Indian chefs have over a years.

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