New BBQ cook-off entrance in Sept.

May 11, 2015 - bbq set

A new pledge grill cook-off is set to take place this Sep to fill a blank left by a gone Southern Fried Festival.

Parks and Recreation Director Brian Borden common with a Columbia City Council final week a skeleton for a new event, that he pronounced will be a good further to a village and, hopefully, continue as an annual event.

“As we know, this year there will not be another Southern Fried Festival. So, in place of it, we’ve been kind of batting around a few ideas in a department, and we’ve come adult with a grill cooking competition that we’re going to reason this year,” Borden said. “It’s going to be a initial initial pledge Muletown grill cook-off.”

On Saturday, Sept. 26, internal chefs will sunder during Riverwalk Park and put their best recipes to a test. The eventuality will be authorised and judged by members of a central Kansas City grill circuit, Borden said, though will be like a backyard southern grill gatherings people love.

“It’ll be kind of an pledge kind of backyard-type barbecue. We’ll be featuring ribs, chicken, desserts, there will be music, games and other party for a kids to attend in,” he said. “We’ll also be carrying a people’s choice award, where we’ll concede people to go representation a grill and put tokens in a enclosure to collect their leader as good as a altogether winner.”

Councilman Mike Greene common how, in his experience, each grill cook-off he has attended has been a large success.

“I’ve never unequivocally seen one of them go bad,” Greene said. “And two, we’re going to use one of a wealth and that is a Riverwalk. we consider you’ll have a outrageous throng since of a space that’s accessible there.”

Borden combined how this was a collaborative bid with Developments Director Paul Keltner.

“It’s only something we’ve been violence around a underbrush on and we’re perplexing now that we have an opportunity, an opening in a calendar to do something like this,” Borden said. “And we consider it would be a good further to a village as good as a good eventuality to attend in during Riverwalk Park.”

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