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February 24, 2017 - bbq set

Owner Dan Marguerite during Backyard BBQ in Wilmette .

WILMETTE – An artless former garage during 535 Green Bay Road has been remade into the Backyard Barbecue Store’s new location, with a top-to-bottom rehab ensuing in a desirable nonetheless country new space.

The building, behind Millen Hardware and Tsing Tao restaurant, was many recently a automobile wash, though it was built in a 1950s as an fixing shop. Backyard Barbecue owners and Wilmette local Dan Marguerite had a prophesy for a building that enclosed rehabbing it from a outward in. “We started only with a shell,” Marguerite said.

Having been built with a group of locals — engineer Chuck Cook, landscape engineer Jim O’Brien and executive Michael Coletto — a Backyard Barbecue’s new plcae is spectacular. “I still travel in here and adore a approach it looks,” remarked Marguerite, who seems dumbfounded by a building’s transformation.

Many of a building’s strange elements were unprotected and easy to emanate a vast open space where Marguerite can arrangement grills and accessories, and to conduct classes and reason events. The building’s strange petrify floors were sandblasted and coated, and a dim timber lamp roof is entirely exposed. The building’s strange potion garage doorway stays and skylights embellished with country stable timber were commissioned in a roof to strew plenty light on a space. Elements from a outward were brought inside to tie it all together, such as a steel corrugated siding that also adorns a women’s bathroom.

“I would adore for people to come see it. we am unequivocally happy with a approach it incited out,” Marguerite said.

Customers enter by an outward section patio, given with dual Big Green Eggs, a gas griddle and a pizza oven set into a mill chimney. At a core of a salon is a square display, that facilities a DCS grill, Big Green Egg and a libation area, all set into stonework with plenty countertops. Everything is entirely organic so business can see how things work, such as a heaters and prosaic shade T.V. mounted on a beyond pergola.

One side of a salon facilities many of a grills and accessories that have done Backyard Barbecue a barbecuing destination. Marguerite can now arrangement even some-more models from any code of grills he carries. A accumulation of conflicting distance Big Green Eggs are on display, as good as grills by Weber, Kalamazoo and several other brands.

On a conflicting side of a store is a eventuality space, that includes a DCS griddle surrounded by a 14-seat bar where people can watch a cooking demonstration. During events, business can lay during a zinc-topped bar where Marguerite skeleton to eventually sell his possess drink brewed on a premises. Behind a bar is a entirely glassed-in room where a brewing will take place. A full kitchen and storage area sits behind a arrangement of timber and charcoal, with shifting stable doors that round behind into a store.

The additional space will concede Marguerite to reason events while a store stays open, something he couldn’t do during his former location. He’ll continue to horde events of adult to 40 people that embody dinners, barbecuing classes and private gatherings. The initial eventuality in a new space will be an bureau post-holiday celebration for about 20 people. The choice includes a drink cooking with Evanston’s Sketchbook Brewery, a Mardi Gras eventuality and a beef category taught by Joe Spera of Al’s Meat Market.

Marguerite, who grew adult in Wilmette, is vehement to be a partial of a village’s business revitalization. “What has happened to this city is awesome. It has altered so most in a 13 years my business has been here,” he said.

Marguerite expects to continue to pull business from all over a region. “I like to pull people from everywhere to see a smashing small city of Wilmette,” he remarked.

The Backyard Barbecue is located during 535 Green Bay Road, Wilmette. For some-more information go to


Owner Dan Marguerite puts a Weber 22-inch griddle together with worker Mike Crnich during Backyard BBQ in Wilmette.

There’s some-more than only bbq during Wilmette’s Backyard BBQ

The Big Green Egg

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