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January 16, 2016 - bbq set

Have we ever visited a griddle usually given it’s rarely endorsed for one sold dish? Sure we have. We all have.

But what happens if we revisit on a day when they’re not portion that sold dish?

If you’re lucky, you’ll knowledge a happy collision like we did.

My wife, Gay, suggested that we go out for boiled chicken. After conference a difference “fried chicken,” it reminded me of a place that I’d been conference a lot of good things about in a Columbus Park area. People we knew were vehemence about their boiled chicken. I’m not genuine large on jumping on bandwagons, so I’d hold behind from going there yet.

However, this seemed to be a day to try it.

It was early Saturday afternoon. We headed down to Fifth Street, between Campbell and Harrison streets to The North End to see what all of a speak was about.

When we pulled in front of a building, we remember that we had eaten here a few years before; La Sala’s we consider a place was called then. As we walked into a friendly spot, we beheld lots of healthy wood, a bar to a left, and a menu house on a behind wall.

We found a list and simulated to demeanour over a menu. we had my “tasters” set for that boiled chicken, after all. But afterwards came a bad news: That boiled duck was usually served on Saturday night. So, no boiled duck for us.

Oh no! What to do? we hurriedly looked over a menu again to see what was going to locate my eye. There were many Italian specialties — lobster ravioli, lasagna with sugo, duck parmesan. But afterwards we found a “Sandwiches” section: A pig tenderloin and a Reuben. Decision finished and disaster averted.

As we waited with expectation for a plates, we beheld a brew of customers. It was a multiple of locals and newbies like us who were checking a place out. The common denominator was that everybody was smiling and enjoying their food. That’s a good sign.

The sandwiches arrive, and we prepared a knives. Here’s a strategy: Gay and we always separate what we order, so we can any ambience some-more menu equipment during a restaurant. This is a good proceed to use when perplexing something new on a menu alongside something you’ve had before. If a new object doesn’t work out, during slightest it’s not a sum loss.

First, a tenderloin. Now, if you’ve review any of my blogs before, we know we have an affinity for good tenderloins. That also means we have unequivocally high standards for this Midwestern comfort food. (You can check out my tenderloin blog here. You’ll see what we mean.) Just during initial glance, we could tell that we was not going to be disappointed.

▪ Tenderloin bigger than a bun. Check.

▪ Hand battered and breaded. Check.

▪ Breading that stays on a tenderloin. Check.

▪ Flavor that would not stop. Check. Check. Check.

“OMG,” Gay pronounced when she pinched off usually a square of a tenderloin to taste. “That is perfect. Let me know when we get to try my half.”

Remember, we’re bursting these things. Her expectation gets me even some-more vehement to punch into this outrageous sandwich. And it usually took me one punch to tell that they’re doing tenderloins right here.

As we mentioned in my Tenderloin Blog, I’m never perplexing to reinstate your favorite tenderloin corner with my opinions. However, if we adore tenderloins, we need to give a one during The North End a try. we consider it’s excellent.

Now, let’s pierce on to a Reuben. This showed adult built high with thinly sliced corned beef, oozing Swiss cheese, warmed sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing, all spilling over a sides of a sandwich. It should roughly be bootleg to have that most season between dual pieces of frail rye bread.

As distant as we can tell, this sandwich seems to accommodate a “Reuben Rules” my crony Derek Owen created:

▪ The bread needs to be rye or marble rye. Yep.

▪ Toast bread on both sides to equivocate your ride dire by as we collect adult a sandwich. Can be finished on request.

▪ Melt a Swiss usually to a indicate of gooey- ness (clearly a technical term). Yep.

▪ Sauerkraut should usually be on a griddle prolonged adequate to hit a chill off, and a extract should be used to season a corned beef (pastrami is an excusable substitute). Yep.

▪ True Russian sauce is elite to Thousand Island. The North End uses Thousand Island — and we desired it.

▪ Corned beef or pastrami should be sliced thin, grilled prolonged adequate to acquire a crust, and piled high. Yep.

▪ Any substitutions with turkey or coleslaw immediately change a sandwich to a Rachel. No substitutions here.

So as distant as I’m concerned, The North End passes a test.

You see, second to my adore for tenderloins, is my affinity for Reuben sandwiches. So I’m looking brazen to perplexing this one. However, we contingency wait.

My mother gets initial dibs on a Reuben given she systematic it. Part of a Rules of Splitting Things. All I’m conference are mumblings of a confident wife. At one point, we swear that she creates some sounds identical to Meg Ryan’s feign orgasmic opening in “When Harry Met Sally.”

This creates any conduct in a place spin and demeanour during her. we usually shrug my shoulders. I’m used to it.

Another partial of a Rules of Splitting Things is that we have to wait for her to finish her half of a Reuben before we get my half. This is an practice of calm on my part. But after 23 years of marriage, we like to consider that we put adult a flattering good front.

“Oh no. Me?” we say, “I’m fine. Just slip my half over when you’re ready.”

See what we mean? However, a discourse in my conduct is some-more like a raving, starving, lunatic. “Push that image over here! I gotta try this Reuben!”

“Okay,” she says. “I’ll be finished soon. I’m perplexing to season any bite.”

I know accurately where she’s entrance from. When it is finally my spin to try a Reuben, we did not arrangement even a jot of her restraint. With any bite, we was experiencing a compensation of a ideal play of corned beef, aged Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing, and a particular crunch of a rye.

To be honest, during initial we wasn’t certain if it was a expectation of that initial punch that finished it so good, or if it was unequivocally that good. But it unequivocally is that damn good. Eureka! we am so vehement to find another good Reuben in Kansas City.

And there’s a happy accident. We came here awaiting to have one of The North End’s specialties (Saturday night boiled chicken) and instead, finished adult anticipating a place that we would tell we is a “go-to” place for both tenderloins and Reubens. That doesn’t occur unequivocally often.

So, if we don’t occur to be during The North End on a Saturday night, don’t fret. They have many other specialties that they should be famous for. we can pledge we won’t be disappointed. You usually competence get to knowledge your possess “happy accident.” Bon appétit.

Craig Jones is a live-fire cooking expert, a Grill Mayor for Food Network (2012), and owners of Savory Addictions Gourmet Nuts. He’s also a approved KCBS BBQ judge, a tyro of pizza crafting and an eager believer of a larger Kansas City food scene.

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