Oddly Named Lakewood Eatery is Serving Up Some Damn Fine BBQ

May 6, 2015 - bbq set

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    The Gorilla (12102 Madison Ave., 216-221-0195) is small, anniversary and particularly take-away, though it manages to container 3 opposite concepts underneath one roof. Set in a former Sugar Bear’s Ice Cream emporium in a Birdtown area of Lakewood, a petite operation specializes in prohibited dogs, grill and soft-serve ice cream.

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      In a prohibited dog difficulty there are singles, doubles, foot-longs and chili dogs. Diners can customize their red hots from a list of a dozen or so add-ons or simply sequence a predesigned variety. The Hopkins Road ($2.25), for instance, is a hotdog surfaced with slaw and bacon. For a Chicago-style dog go with a Big Mouth ($3.50), that is dragged by a garden and surfaced with tomatoes, onions, visitor penchant and competition peppers.

      The hotdogs are not earth-shattering, though a grill is some-more than value a trip. Operating underneath a name BoBo’s Smokin’ BBQ, a apart menu offers sliders, sides and smoked beef by a pound. The Prime King ($5) should not be missed. Though it’s called a slider, this disorderly and tasty sandwich boasts a good quarter-pound of thick-sliced Texas-style smoked beef brisket. The beef is fatty, juicy, hazed and peppery, and it’s interconnected with Swiss cheese, preserved onions, horseradish cream salsa and BoBo’s Groovy BBQ sauce, done with Kentucky Bourbon, pinkish puree and espresso.

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        Another slider, a Hawaiian Hillbilly ($5), is built with honey-smoked weak skin-on duck thighs, pineapple and cheddar cheese.

        On a day we visited, a weekly special was a entertain chunk of tasty gangling ribs, a discount during $5. Sporting a thick and piquant bark, a luscious pinkish pig beef was tender, dainty and plentiful.

        Brisket, pulled pork, smoked duck and smoked turkey are all sole by a pound.

        The name, by a way, is a anxiety to a 10-foot high chimpanzee sculpture that welcomes lunch and cooking guests.

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