The 1974 horror movie classical The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been terrifying fans for some-more than 4 decades. Those looking for a new approach to knowledge this classical might be in fitness soon. Last year, Ohio businessman Roy Rose bought a Last Chance Gas Station, that served as a illusory Gulf Oil gas hire and BBQ grill in a movie. The businessman is formulation to spin this outline gas hire into a hororr-themed BBQ restaurant. And he recently common some swell on a restaurant’s new Facebook page, along with a following message.

“We are restoring a Smoker House saved as many strange timber as possible, combined some from another stable that had depressed down…Put petrify underneath … This time The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station is being easy in a scold manor…..LOOKS AWESOME……Let me tell ya chainsaw fans….”

According to The Guardian, Roy Rose bought a skill during 1073 Highway 304 in Bastrop, Texas since he was a outrageous fan of a original movie, that he saw for a initial time during a age of 10. The financier even has another partner who is steeped in fear lore, Ari Lehman, who played a initial Jason Voorhees in a 1980 classical Friday a 13th. The investors both have large skeleton for a property, that will be many some-more than only a restaurant. Here’s what Roy Rose had to contend in a radio talk from final year.

“We’re going to build a ‘horror grill resort’, we’re going to put cabins in a behind for all a fans that wish to come and stay a night.”

Along with a grill and 4 cabins, Roy Rose and Ari Lehman devise on building a sell store, an party area for gigs and a large shade to uncover The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The restaurant’s Facebook reveals that they devise on opening in mid-July, though an accurate date hasn’t been set yet. It isn’t famous if they devise on bringing in any of a strange stars of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for a grand opening, or executive Tobe Hooper.

The horror franchise has been regenerated a series of times on a large screen, many recently with 2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3D starring Alexandra Daddario. There is also a Leatherface film that will yield an origin story for a pretension character, that is set for recover after this year. You can revisit a restaurant’s Facebook page to check out photos from this grill in swell below, and stay tuned for some-more information. Would we revisit The Texas Chainsaw Massacre BBQ grill this summer when it opens?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was expelled Oct 1st, 1974.