Pecos Pit BBQ entrance to West Seattle and a world

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Pecos Pit BBQ entrance to West Seattle and a world

Pecos Pit BBQ, with a 30 year lane record of success in a Seattle area sealed a chartering agreement with Gerry Kingen, owners of Salty’s Seafood Grills, some-more than a year ago. In that time skeleton to move Pecos to a wider assembly have been in a works. He believes a Pecos judgment with some menu refinements has “Greater intensity than it is realizing.” Kingen said, “With deferential enhancements it could go local, regional, national, and even global. With a opposite proceed to franchising it becomes an event for others. We consider a product ‘hunts’ and has extended formed concept appeal.”

In an disdainful talk with a West Seattle Herald Kingen disclosed that among a initial outlets will be one built on a site of a former Ben Hoshi Teriyaki grill during a dilemma of 35th and Fauntleroy Way SW.

The site, that has been sealed given Jan of final year, will be remodeled and be a West Seattle home for a regionally famous Pecos Pit formula. “We’re vehement about West Seattle,” he said.

The strange Pecos Pit located in SODO on 1st Ave. South is owned by Debra and Ron Wise and as was reported by a Seattle Times in May of 2013, Kingen skeleton to rise mixed satellite Pecos locations and start franchising.

The West Seattle plcae will offer a travel up, pickup and expostulate by and some singular in-store seating.

The agreement between Wise and Kingen, allows changes in a menu and ways in that a food is presented and marketed. Since a menu is still being developed, Kingen would not share many sum aside from a fact that it will be health unwavering with some-more salads and lighter equipment though still offer a loyal BBQ experience. “How many places can we contend we wish to lick your fingers afterward. That’s barbecue.”

Sandwiches are a core of a offerings though a accumulation of side dishes and other specialty equipment will be offering he said.

On a libation side he pronounced a new Pecos would offer a possess “Shiny Hiney Moonshine™”, “Smoking Hot Pale Ale™” and one other beer, honeyed tea, lemonade and other soothing drinks.

Kingen, now 71, and owner of a sequence of Red Robin restaurants built that association into a vital force before offered to Japanese investors in 1986. He intends to use his knowledge is building authorization restaurants to a expansion of Pecos Pit BBQ.

Driving a bid is Kingen’s enterprise to get behind in a diversion though on his possess terms. That means formulating a business that is as essential as it is oriented to be a certain force for everybody from business to investors to employees.

“It will yield good people with an entrance to good success. By 2025 we will have substantially 12,000 employees operative for Pecos. We will surpass a expectations of over a billion people. we adore lenient other people to make a difference. That’s what I’ve finished all my life.” While he acknowledges that “it stays to be proven, we accept that as a challenge.”

“It gives me possibility to move my ability set behind into a ring and get into foe again,” he said.

The West Seattle plcae and 2 others being designed for a Seattle area will be open by late this year. The association is still entertainment investors and Kingen explained that “We’re not going to be concerned with people who don’t see it as we do. It’s going to be a really systematic rollout.”

It’s his wish to have a Pecos Pit BBQ restaurants in each approach and on each turn live adult to his new aphorism for them. “They will be “Crazy Great” ™.

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