Police and village BBQ cookout set for this weekend

July 15, 2016 - bbq set


Officers with a Wichita Police Department are continuing their conversation with Black Lives Matters supporters in an bid to keep a assent and build a relationship.

Across a county secular tragedy and fear of law coercion is causing multiplication though in Wichita adults are entrance together.

A.J. Bohannon, who is a owner of ‘I Got Your Back’ spends his time giving behind to a community. You can find him on a margin coaching immature kids. But now he’s anticipating by operative closely with military he can erase a fear compared with a group and women who wear a badge.

Initially another criticism was designed for this arriving Sunday though instead they’ll be pity a dish together.

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Bohannon said, “there’s never been a time where military officers and people in a village come together and pennyless bread together. So we consider this is a good initial step into seeking some of a change that we are looking for.”

WPD Chief Gordon Ramsay said, “I comprehend that might seem huffy feely. This is a time in policing that we haven’t been during in a long, prolonged time, and it calls for a opposite approach of doing things.”

The idea on both sides of a list is to build relations by village policing.

Chief Ramsay said, “I consider it’s a win-win and we unequivocally consider this is an event to prominence how military and village leaders can come together in a unequivocally prolific way.”

Bohannon said, “what we wish to do is give everybody an event to know a military and know them as tellurian beings though we also wish to give military a event to know people in this village as tellurian beings as well.” 

The cookout is set for Sunday during McAdams Park and will start during 6 p.m.

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