Police give sum of murdering during backyard barbecue

February 17, 2015 - bbq set


A male who suspicion he was being disrespected by a co-worker entertainment to that man’s residence and killed him during a family entertainment on Sunday afternoon, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Lucio Martinez, 33, died outward his Westside home on Dagail Lane.

“The plant and him afterwards began fighting and struggling over a gun,” Assistant Chief Chris Butler said. “During that quarrel a suspect shot a plant during slightest one time and a plant was killed during a scene.”

Because many of people during a entertainment identified a gunman, military pronounced Jacobo Brinoes-Anaya, 33, was stopped in Arlington — about 20 miles from a sharpened stage — shortly after military questioning a sharpened put out a outline of a car he was driving.

Police pronounced that when they pulled Brinoes-Anaya over, he had blood on his shirt and a semi-automatic handgun in his right pocket.

A family crony told News4Jax that Martinez (pictured) was shot several times in a stomach.

“There was no need for an ambulance,” Kayla Blane said.

Family members told News4Jax that Martinez brought Brinoes-Anaya here from Texas since he indispensable a float and a job, though they had grown detached since a indicted was regulating drugs and alcohol.

At a family home Monday, there was commemorative set adult for Martinez — a youngest of 12 children and a father of a 9-year-old.

“He’s got a pleasing daughter, a pleasing daughter that he’s withdrawal behind,” pronounced Lynn Daingerfield, who pronounced she was a tighten crony of a victim. 

The family has set adult an comment to assistance with wake arrangements: gofundme/mjmno4.

Brinoes-Anaya is being hold but bond on a assign of murder. According to jail records, he is also being hold on an immigration violation.

source ⦿ http://www.news4jax.com/news/police-give-details-of-killing-at-backyard-bbq/31314016

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