Political tensions feverishness adult during annual Fancy Farm picnic

August 5, 2018 - bbq set

FANCY FARM, Ky. (WKYT) – Fancy Farm is a city of hundreds that swells to thousands for sharp BBQ and bingo, and some good old-fashioned, domestic branch speaking.

Photo: WKYT/Phil Pendleton

“There’s good reasons to come here—the BBQ, though a other it’s a usually time of a year you’ll see Democrats in western Kentucky,” jabbed a Republican US Senator.

It’s tradition to hear burning domestic speeches and mostly a throng isn’t so friendly. Democrats stood with their backs to Mitch McConnell during a U.S. Senate Majority Leader’s whole five-minute speech.

“Under a Governor’s care there are some-more than 40,000 new jobs,” pronounced McConnell in referring to what’s happened during Governor Matt Bevin’s administration.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin did not attend a cruise as his bureau pronounced late Friday he would not be there. No reason was given for his absence.

Many teachers and those who contend they came to support preparation did uncover up. And many sat on traditionally what’s a Democratic side of a audience.

“We were on a front quarrel of a cabinet meetings in a House and Senate. And we are on a front quarrel of Fancy Farm. If they are going to make changes they are going to have to face us when they do that,” pronounced Denise Finley, a late clergyman from Lexington.

“Well, one of a values we was lifted on is display up. we theory a Governor doesn’t share that value,” Attorney General Andy Beshear told WKYT’s Phil Pendleton.

Beshear stays a usually claimant to announce for Governor.

Rep. Rocky Adkins says he’s simply pitter-patter adult support for associate Democrats.

“I will tell we that I’ve got extensive support to run for Governor from opposite Kentucky. From that support I’m giving it critical consideration,” pronounced Adkins as he was nod supporters in a throng before a afternoon branch speaking.

Alison Grimes is another probable claimant that could face Bevin should he announce a run for re-election.

“It’s prohibited here folks, people are sweating like a Matt Bevin during a KEA meeting,” Grimes pronounced from a stage.

Auditor Mike Harmon played on Jeff Foxworthy’s “you competence be a redneck…” in “you competence be a Democrat using for Governor….

“If your grandfather was Governor and we don’t know because we haven’t been….you competence be a Democrat using for Governor,” pronounced Harmon, a Republican from Danville.

The governor’s competition is still months isn’t until subsequent year though there’s clever signs it might already be underway.

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