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March 12, 2018 - bbq set

On this week’s partial of “What’s Eric Eating,” chefs Erin and Patrick Feges join CultureMap food editor Eric Sandler to plead Feges BBQ, their eagerly-anticipated grill that’s set to open after this month in Greenway Plaza (sadly, they aren’t prepared to dedicate to a organisation date). The integrate start a review by pity how they initial started dating and a career paths that led them to work during some of Houston’s tip restaurants. 

While many grill joints can provide vegetables as an afterthought, Erin Feges has used her culinary training to emanate sides like roasted eggplant and Korean-spiced cucumber salad. As she explains, they’re going to be an critical partial of Feges BBQ’s appeal, generally in an sourroundings with a different set of bureau workers.

When we initial started articulate about opening a restaurant, my initial suspicion was that we would wish to be means to eat there each day, that means you’ve got to have an expanded adequate menu that zero gets too repetitive, though it also has to be healthy. No one thinks of ‘barbecue’ and ‘healthy’ in a same sentence. We’re going to have options that gaunt towards someone who’s perplexing to eat somewhere though any guilt. we consider of grill as an indulgence, and we all adore to indulge, though we wish to see people there mixed times per week. The usually approach we can do that is if a menu is a small bit healthier. You’ll see that in a sides, though you’ll also see that in a meats. We’re going to have smoked duck and smoked turkey. We’ll have offerings on a menu that are build-your-own-sides plate, kind of like if we went to Local Foods.  

Other topics embody how Patrick Feges initial grown an seductiveness in cooking Carolina-style whole hog, their thoughts on opening their initial grill with their possess names on it, and a lightning round.

Prior to a chefs fasten a show, Urban Swank blogger Felice Sloan and Sandler plead a news of a week. Their topics embody a news that Richard Knight has assimilated Harold’s as executive cook and that cook Brandi Key has sealed on to be a culinary executive for Lasco Enterprises (The Tasting Room, Max’s Wine Dive). They also share their thoughts on a news that Pizza Motus is entrance to West U, Cedars Tapas Bar is entrance to Montrose, and Revelry on Richmond owners Ted Baker’s acquisition of The Harp

In a restaurants of a week segment, Sloan and Sandler soap-box about their cooking during Nancy’s Hustle and share initial impressions of East Hampton Sandwich Co. after attending last week’s pop-up. Finally, Sandler shares his initial impressions of a El Topo food truck, that is creation a dash pleasantness of the tacos done with handmade corn tortillas and locally-sourced fillings. 

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