Pulaski County enjoys a ideal multiple of good music, good food

September 10, 2017 - bbq set

The atmosphere in Somerset was thick this weekend. With a hazed smell of grilled meat. With a sounds of people logging about. And with a sticky, gritty, low-down unwashed blues.

It was a fourth-annual Lake Cumberland Blues, BBQ, and Arts Festival, hold on a legal core piazza in downtown Somerset — and nobody was blue about a weather, as a throng enjoyed transparent skies and assuage temperatures, a transparent disproportion from final year’s cold, stormy affair.

“(Friday) night, we were unequivocally sanctified with a good night. We had super, super good attendance,” pronounced Jeff Taylor, Vice President of a Lake Cumberland Blues Society, a classification behind a festival.

Indeed, a legal piazza was mostly full with vendors and grass chairs, as an guess count of some-more than 500 people came to hear bands from around Kentucky play a initial night of a festival.

The throng on Saturday started out a small some-more sparse, notwithstanding a auspicious conditions, though grew via a day. Taylor remarkable that there were a lot of things going on in a county on Saturday, though was gratified to see as many people come out as there were.

Taylor was generally vehement to have Kenny Neal, a New Orleans bluesman who has drawn a courtesy of a prestigious Grammy Awards and is a large name in a genre.

“Right now, a feedback has unequivocally been positive,” he said. “Some of a younger artists like Madison Lewis have come in and did a good small set. We’ve got a shred of some of a younger people entrance in and doing sets. The chainsaw man out in a parking lot has tender utterly a few people.”

That “chainsaw guy” is Jody Sloane, of Jody Sloane Power Sculpting. Sloane was one of a visible artists display off his talents and offered his work during a festival and his loud collection were a strike with all who upheld by.

“I got into this behind in 2012 slicing glow wood; my small lady wanted me to carve her a bear,” pronounced Sloane of Eubank. “It evolved. It’s some-more of a hobby right now for me some-more than anything. we adore to make things.”

A handful of opposite BBQ and food vendors lined a fringe during a legal core piazza as well, cooking chicken, beef, pig and other tasty goodies that interconnected ideally with a bluesy theme, marrying both a sounds and a flavors of a normal American South.

One chairman who celebrates that enlightenment is D. Jay Rice, a Lexington performer who was creation a lapse revisit to a Somerset festival. Rice has a loyal blues voice, abounding with texture, and puts on a sharp-witted show.

“It’s a people,” pronounced Rice after behaving with a Lake Cumberland Blues Society, and forward of his possess set opening for Neal. “We have a good time, we suffer being with them. They come out and support us all a time. It’s only that sorcery that happens when we get people who play a same thing.

“It’s growing,” he combined of a blues stage in a Bluegrass State. “Not utterly as quick as other genres obviously, though afterwards again, there are pockets of song appreciation all over a state. Somerset only happens to be one of them.”

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