Q5: Blazathon set for 30th annual BBQ fundraiser

April 5, 2018 - bbq set

The 30th annual Blazathon BBQ fundraiser is set for this weekend, and will be hold during a Stillwater Elks Lodge during 202 E. McElroy Rd.

Chad Duncan spoke to a News Press about this year’s fundraiser and what people can expect.

1. What do people looking to attend Blazathon this year need to know?

This year’s Blazathon is Friday and Saturday. Friday night we have Signal 88 personification outside, continue permitting, during 7:30. They will be changed into a ballroom if it is raining. Signal 88 is a cover rope out of OKC that customarily plays weddings and other form events. They play a far-reaching collection of music. We will also be offered hamburger/hot dog baskets with pop/water. We will also have Blazathon sell for sale along with raffle tickets for $1 any to win a Horizon Backyard smoker. Meal tickets for Saturday will be on sale also, for $10. The drink car will be set adult offered $2.00 cups if we are above a authorised celebration age. Around dim we also have Morgan Reynold’s Band personification in a lounge. Must be 21 to enter. Saturday’s dish starts during 11 a.m. and runs until 3 p.m. or as prolonged as people keep entrance inside to eat. The dish include of ribs, pulled pork, duck quarters, smoked sausage, bread, beans and coleslaw. If we buy your sheet in allege from possibly an Elk, a Elks Lodge, Kicker, Stillwater Mill, Forman Harley-Davidson, or Oklahoma Closing and Title it is $10. Tickets day of cost $12. Children tickets can be purchased during a doorway only, for $5. You can possibly park opposite a street, travel onto a parking lot to eat in a ballroom. Or if we wish to get it to go, come down Lewis Street and enter a to-go line. Just squeeze it and go on your approach to one of a other many activities function in Stillwater this weekend. We entice we to a live auction during 2 p.m. with donated equipment from internal businesses such as a Yeti cooler, neon signs from your favorite beer/liquor companies, giveaway hotel stays, tools, gym memberships, giveaway personal training sessions, steel signs of your favorite college teams, goody bags, and other good equipment we need to come see. At 3 p.m., a awards will be given to a smokers. We will pull a winning raffle sheet during 3 p.m., we need not be benefaction to win a raffle.

“The BBQ smokers in a parking lot start nearing Friday and will start to set adult to enter a 4 categories to win their share of a $6,400 purse. They fume meats all night to be prepared to spin in their products Saturday morning. Some are internal teams wanting to enter a foe and others are chasing points to win a KCBS tip prize.”

2. How was your fundraising bid final year and do we have a idea in mind for this year?

“We lifted a small over $8,000 for Kickin’ Childhood Hunger after expenses. We would like to transcend that idea this year. With a support of a village we consider we can grasp this goal.”

3. Blazathon has utterly a history, and you’ve spent a past integrate years with Kickin’ Childhood Hunger. How rewarding is it to minister to that need in a Stillwater area?

“We adore partnering with Kickin’ Childhood Hunger. They yield dishes for kids in a Stillwater area who would routinely not get to eat over a weekends when propagandize is not in session. All a income lifted goes right behind into a community, they don’t have a paid house of directors as some charities do. Knowing that all a tough work we do as Elks for a Blazathon helps kids in need is good value a time and effort.”

4. Are there any add-ons or changes to a eventuality this year?

“We are doing dual bands this year to inspire some-more people to come out Friday night and suffer a good uncover for free. We will be doing delivered dishes again. We will move BBQ to we if we can’t make it to us. Just need a smallest of 10 meals. You can call a Elks Lodge, 743-3300, to speak with someone about removing some dishes brought to you. Please call by Friday.”

5. Is there anything else people need to know about Blazathon?

“This is a 30th annual Blazathon BBQ competition. We lift income to support Kickin’ Childhood Hunger and a Stillwater Elks Lodge. We can’t do it alone and adore saying all of a village assistance in this event. We demeanour brazen to saying everybody come down to support a village this weekend.”

– Tim Ahrens

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