Ravinia-area iconic eatery shutting after 30 years

November 17, 2015 - bbq set

Bunnie Mesirow never illusory she’d be holding over her father’s Ravinia BBQ Grill in Highland Park until he mischievously drafted her into avocation in 1999.

After throwing herself into a grill for 16 years, Mesirow can’t pierce herself to sell a business and relinquish her brand. The building that houses her grill during 592 Roger Williams Ave. is going by a change in ownership, and one of a parties offering to buy out Ravinia BBQ Grill.

Two days before she was set to pointer a papers, Mesirow motionless instead to tighten a 30-year investiture after cooking use Nov. 21.

“I suspicion we was going to sell a business, though we wasn’t feeling good about it,” pronounced Mesirow. “I woke adult with this array in my stomach and we knew it wasn’t a right pierce for me. My whole essence felt like we was creation a mistake, like we was being forced into something we wasn’t happy about.”

Her preference has drawn some dubious reactions.

“A crony who owns a grill asked, How could we travel divided from that money?” Mesirow said. Her reply? “Because if we wish to do something else, now we have that option,” she said. “If we sell, we can never use those recipes again. we usually didn’t wish to be firm by a non-compete clause, that meant we could never work in a food and libation attention again. we don’t consider I’m finished yet.”

Mesirow’s father, Lou Tannebaum, had spent many of his career in a wardrobe business before opening his duck and grill eatery on a humour in 1985. According to Mesirow, her father had been assisting a delicatessen owners financially. When a business started to fail, Tannebaum motionless to try using his possess grill in a space.

When Tannebaum started articulate about retirement 16 years ago, he asked Mesirow if she’d be meddlesome in holding over a business. A full-time mom during a time, Mesirow knew zero about using a grill and had usually been in a investiture a few times. She didn’t burst during a offer. Later, he called and asked her to come assistance out in a pinch.

“I travel in and he says, I’m withdrawal now for Arizona. I’ll see we in dual weeks,” removed Mesirow, who remembers protesting that she didn’t know a menu or a people.

“You’re smart,” he replied. “You’ll figure it out.” When Tannebaum returned dual weeks later, he handed her $1,000 and asked how she was feeling now about a business.

“You couldn’t’ get me out of here if we tried,” Mesirow recalls revelation him. He stayed on a year before branch over a business.

Mesirow broadened a menu with seafood and salads and stretched a grill into an adjacent storefront in 2004.

“I knew we couldn’t make any income with what he had,” Mesirow said. “You had to have a bar. You had to have a hangout area. You had to have TVs and all that. And frankly, a foe was removing extreme out there. So we mortgaged my residence and stretched a restaurant. In those days, we theory we was perplexing to infer something to myself, that we could be a success.”

Mesirow’s farewell note to her business hinted that she might not be job it quits usually yet.

“It has been a pleasure to grow adult with so many families and watch your immature children turn immature adults,” she wrote, adding during a end, “Stay tuned for a subsequent chapter.”

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