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April 30, 2018 - bbq set

In May 2017, Robert Lau became a winner of a first-ever Reimagine Retail program. A row of judges comparison Lau’s devise to urge his business and awarded him $100,000 to put his skeleton into action.

caribou jack's bbqLau due adding an in-store griddle to Caribou Jack’s Trading Co., a hardware and sporting products store he has owned given 2010. He hoped a in-store griddle would expostulate new business to his business and offer as a entertainment indicate for a Soda Springs, Idaho, community.

After a year of tough work renovating his store to maximize space, enlightening a restaurant’s menu and ensuring it met all health and reserve requirements, Lau and a Caribou Jack’s group distinguished a grand opening of Caribou Jack’s BBQ from Apr 19-21.

“The grand opening was fantastic,” Lau says. “We served about 400 people over 3 days and everybody had good things to contend about Caribou Jack’s BBQ. It wasn’t utterly a stampede, though it was solid and that gave my group a possibility to unequivocally get their bearings.”

In a initial week of operation, Lau says Caribou Jack’s BBQ accounted for approximately twenty-seven percent of his business’s sum sales and 40 percent of his net margin.

Rich Russo, clamp boss of a National Hardware Show®, that stages a Reimagine Retail program, says Lau’s prophesy enriches his business and his community.

“Robert’s suspicion total a series of engaging factors,” Russo says. “He wanted to offer a need in his village for people to accumulate and by formulating a griddle within his store he will now start to horde events for his business to accumulate and learn.”

caribou jack's bbqThe whole Soda Springs village was invited to revisit Caribou Jack’s BBQ during a grand opening and see what Lau and his group had been cooking adult for a past year. It all began with a Ladies’ Night, that featured a deputy from Rustoleum who explained a possibilities of marker and shine paints. On Friday and Saturday, PPG gave a display on a products. Throughout a event, Traeger Grills was also on palm to excite a Soda Springs barbecuing community.

Throughout a three-day festivities, Caribou Jack’s also hosted a raffle for a Grizzly cooler set, a Traeger griddle and a helicopter float with Idaho Air Rescue, that Lau says helped take a Caribou Jack’s BBQ grand opening to new heights.

Something for Everyone

Lau says a Caribou Jack’s BBQ menu has something to greatfully any customer. Diners can select from smoked turkey, chicken, pig and brisket served as a sandwich with a salad or atop a baked potato with a salad. For sides, Caribou Jack’s BBQ serves adult 3 kinds of beans, dual versions of potato salad, coleslaw and “Jacked Mac,” a restaurant’s take on macaroni and cheese that includes copiousness of peppers jack flavor.

caribou jack's bbqCaribou Jack’s BBQ uses locally sourced mixture whenever possible, Lau says. They’re now removing their beef supply from a internal grocer in circuitously Pocatello, Idaho. In a entrance months, Lau and his group wish to build a blurb hothouse to further a supply of locally grown vegetables.

Lau says that after Memorial Day, his group hopes to deliver new menu items, including a daily special and presumably pizza. One daily special competence even be desirous by a cadence of fitness that occurred during a grand opening of Caribou Jack’s BBQ.

“My mother brought a pineapple from home and pronounced she wanted to fume it. we suspicion we were bustling adequate with a grand opening to try a new recipe, though it incited out fantastic,” Lau says.  “I wish to do a daily pulled pig sandwich with smoked pineapple and a Hawaiian salsa we unequivocally like. The daily special would be things we routinely serve, though only adding a tiny aptitude to them to brew it adult for a customers.”

The Finishing Touches

Lau says that a past few months have been “pretty crazy” as a store reset a Century Tools product lines and updated to PPG Porter Paints. The group also stretched a outside vital dialect by adding some-more camping and fishing products, all while operative tough to safeguard Caribou Jack’s BBQ would be prepared to offer business when comfortable continue arrived.

“Two months ago, we still didn’t have a hood adult or a plumbing done. It took about 5 months to get by all a plumbing work,” Lau says. “Plumbing was a plea for a lot of reasons, though we finally got all in sequence before we opened.”

caribou jack's bbqTo supplement a personal hold to a restaurant, Lau’s family pitched in and built tradition dining tables for a restaurant.

“The tables are unequivocally fun. Each one is a tiny different, and has a tiny opposite flair,” he says.

After flitting a health inspection, ensuring a restaurant’s plumbing was all set and adding a final touches, Lau says Caribou Jack’s BBQ was prepared for a large debut.

Empowering Independents

Lau believes all eccentric home alleviation retailers should take note of a Reimagine Retail program.

“Independent retailers have so many hurdles these days,” he says. “A lot of times, collateral is a biggest problem. It’s not that we don’t know what we wish to do or don’t know what business need, a plea is carrying a collateral required to make those investments. Reimagine Retail changes all that. It’s a good approach to get collateral for your business.”

caribou jack's bbq“When we visited Robert during a grand opening of a Caribou Jack’s BBQ, we was means to see firsthand what a module like this can do for a tiny business, a family and a community,” Russo says. “I saw a fad and hum that this further done to his store and what it means for a destiny of Caribou Jack’s. we wish that people will take divided that we can all learn from any other by pity ideas, visions and goals that we wish to accomplish and by saying what a peers are perplexing to accomplish that might only hint an suspicion for any one of us.”

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