Restaurant News: Sweet Dewey’s BBQ Opens Thursday, and more

December 17, 2014 - bbq set


It competence seem peculiar that we’re starting a grill news with a gas hire preference store, nonetheless we’ve listened a lot of people articulate about Bilotti’s Pizza in a Loggers’ Run gas station. We stopped by and took a few pictures, and competence do a some-more finish story on it soon.


Last week we were during City Fish Market as a guest of Barry Epstein during his Tiger Bay Club organisation lunch. The orator was internal orthodontist Larry Kawa, who has turn a teenager inhabitant figure since of his lawsuit over Obamacare. He gave an glorious speech, deliberating a authorised issues in depth. While we see Kawa as a particularly narrow-minded Republican, a speak was not delivered in that demeanour and he done an bid to uncover since Democrats should support what he’s doing.

And a salmon salad was also unequivocally good.


We also attended a “Grand Opening” eventuality during Gyro Room in Mission Bay. It was not what we expected. There was a vast throng and a food came out slowly. We usually attempted a integrate tiny things before we left. It was gratifying though.



We favourite a food when we were there in September, nonetheless we were endangered that it competence be too pricey for a format. There are improved lunch deals nearby. Still we get a lot of food for your income and it’s peculiarity stuff.

The biggest news is a soon-to-open Sweet Dewey’s BBQ on Glades only west of Lyons. We’re told they will be open on Thursday


Chef Dwayne Hooper is a renouned guy. We were invited to a “media dinner” that finished adult with a vast series of guest who were not media. It was a packaged residence superfluous not only onto a path in front, nonetheless they indeed set adult tables on a grassy areas in a parking lot. Hooper used to be during a Polo Club and a lot of a residents are apparently fans and came out to see his new place.


If we demeanour closely in a print above we can see it’s in a piazza with Bamboo Wok and Stallone’s.

We attempted a series of dishes and all was excellent. Brisket, ribs, duck wings, cornbread, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, several desserts, some kind of bisque soup, etc. There was not a bad punch in a bunch.

It was too swarming though, so we’re going to go behind shortly for a genuine review. Okay, unequivocally we’re going behind since we adore good grill and this is it. Expect a certain examination soon.


Last up, again interjection to Barry Epstein we were invited to Bruce’s of Great Neck in Boca Greens this morning. We’ve never reviewed Bruce’s before nonetheless we have eaten there several times, systematic their catering once, and beheld that they do good on their inspections. We attempted a Babka French toast, above, and favourite it unequivocally much.

One of a considerable dishes we tasted was a special turkey panini with pear slices, spinach, and a horseradish salsa that all went together intensely well:


We also attempted a shrimp salad and lobster salad. The shrimp were noticeably incomparable than what we competence typically see in this kind of dish.


Last nonetheless not least, Rachel brought us out a image of cookies:


Disclosure: We were offering giveaway food in propinquity to all a above events. We haven’t attempted Bilotti’s pizza nonetheless since that offer came after we visited. We don’t trust a giveaway food influenced a visualisation or stating in any way, nonetheless feel a readers should know about it.


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