Restaurant Review – Red’s True Barbecue, London

November 28, 2015 - bbq set

Restaurant Review  Reds True Barbecue, London

By Jonathan Hatchman, Food Editor, @TLE_Food

London, during a moment, is witnessing a continual boost in recognition surrounding American comfort food. The final few years have witnessed an uncountable volume of pop-ups apropos permanent that propel a trend even further, and there are now some-more epicurean burger stands, vans and shops than we can keep adult with. And there’s no pointer of a trans-Atlantic food disturb relaxing down during anytime soon. What’s many exciting, however, is a expansion in grill restaurants opening opposite a city.

First launched in 2012 by business partners James Douglas and Scott Munro, connected by a common adore of multi-regional American barbecue, Red’s True Barbecue initial non-stop in Leeds, and afterwards outposts in Manchester, Headingly, and Nottingham were shortly to follow. Now, 3 years later, Red’s has turn a successful Northern institution, and has finally non-stop a London restaurant, located right in a heart of Shoreditch. Opened essentially as a no-bookings venue, it’s usually a matter of time before Red’s will join a likes of MEATliquor with queues longer than a common using time of The Godfather Trilogy. The categorical difference, however, is that Red’s is totally unpretentious, and a beef is distant better. Inside, a grill is fun and casual, clad with copiousness of bare-wooden tables ornate with a whole operation of Red’s possess code BBQ salsa set out in rows, deputy of a perfect volume of movement that a menu has to offer. There’s also an considerable bar space downstairs that’s heavily desirous by Twin Peaks.


Red’s Brisket and Burn Ends Meat Tray

As approaching with a grill restaurant, usually a tiny volume of vegetarian dishes are on offer, while a categorical concentration here is on a smoked meats. Burgers operation from classics by to a restaurant’s signature donut burger, approbation a burger that substitutes bread for dual glassy donuts. Snacks and starters embody a likes of house-made beef jerky and ox impertinence that’s served with a shot of scotch to be swilled by a concomitant smoked bone dug-out once a juicy pith has been devoured. Nevertheless, a beef plates, alone, do yield a apportionment distance that renders anything else totally unnecessary. Delivered to a list in trays a USDA black Angus and burnt ends tray is a thing of genuine insatiable beauty – and an comprehensive take during £16.50. Strips of tender, hazed brisket are outwardly black nonetheless pinkish and tasty on a inside, served atop a chunk of bread with pickles, jalapeños and pearls of French mustard. The burnt ends are a reduction proposal than preferred, though a abyss of essence is incredible, ideally concomitant a Kansas City BBQ sauce. As if all of this wasn’t enough, a plate is also served with possibly dual “humble” sides or one “divine” side. BBQ array beans from a latter choice are an comprehensive must-try – featuring strips of left over beef and solemnly baked during a bottom of a kitchen’s beef smokers.


Red’s BBQ Pit Beans

My companion, on a other hand, decides to emanate her possess beef tray. Opting for a pulled pork, that also packs copiousness of gratifying flavour, some-more burnt ends, and a gummy brined duck breast that propels a common bird to a whole new turn of excellence. Needless to say, we’re both uncomfortably full towards a finish of a session: opportunely a staff members are kind adequate to box-up any leftovers to suffer later. There is a preference of desserts on offer, though they’re unequivocally uncalled-for following a bumbling categorical dishes. Instead, a turn of ‘Picklebacks’ are in order: a shot of Bourbon that’s chased with a residual extract from a jar of pickles. In fairness, a splash is distant tastier than it sounds, and a pickling juice, in fact, neutralises a bake of a whiskey. The slow finish isn’t too opposite from a ambience of an alcoholic Big Mac from McDonalds (surprisingly one of America’s initial ever grill restaurants) – what’s not to love? It seems usually a matter of months before Red’s restaurants start to sweeping a rest of a UK as their duration arise continues even further.

Red’s True Barbecue can be found at 54-56 Great Eastern St, London, EC2A 3QR.

Jon HatchmanJonathan is food editor and censor for The London Economic.

Since withdrawal school, Jonathan has run and contributed towards a series of new song blogs and has created online facilities for publications such as The Guardian, GQ and Q Magazine.


Fun, unpretentious, and well-priced – design outrageous portions of tasty smoked meats from one of London’s best BBQ restaurants. There’s also an extensive, well-sourced qualification drink list to work through.

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