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May 4, 2018 - bbq set

Last year, dual months after a pointer went dim on a frame mall storefront of Aroma in Cary, it illuminated adult again. The apparent end was that a Indian grill was behind in business.

Obvious, though wrong — as we learn when we travel adult to a grill now and see a a disproportion “Sushi — Grill — Bar” embellished on a door. And even that isn’t a full story of a new Aroma’s specialty cuisine.

Make that cuisines, plural. The name of a new grill is in fact Aroma Korea, a initial word selected presumably for a consequence of expediency, and to save a rather estimable cost of carrying a new pointer made. The menu is divided some-more or reduction equally between normal Korean and Japanese fare, with a trace of outliers such as an East-West alloy take on a crudo and a handful of variations on a Hawaiian poke theme.

If all that sounds confusing, it helps to know that a owners are Ellie Han and Seungwor Lee, both Korean locals who also occur to be veterans of several years in area Japanese restaurants. According to Han (she’s a dining room manager with an unfailingly comfortable welcome), a partners met while operative during Maru. Sushi fans will commend cook Lee as “Mr. Lee” from that grill and from Sono and M. Sushi, where he has also worked.

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Lee’s knowledge is clear in his accurate blade work and sublime public of all from classical nigiri sushi (noteworthy for their inexhaustible fish-to-rice ratio) to elaborate residence specialty rolls. If we like to sequence sushi à la carte, be certain to check a specials board, where you’ll typically find half a dozen or so temptations. Recent options have enclosed abalone, kurodai (black sea bream), kanpachi (amberjack), and ama ebi (jumbo shrimp, in a distinguished credentials that presents a tail raw, and a conduct deep-fried).


Presentations are unusually attractive, even by sushi bar standards. Chirashi don, traditionally served as an collection of sashimi accidentally strewn over sushi rice (chirashi means “scattered”), is here presented as 6 apart stoneware bowls in a bento box, any containing a opposite fish on a possess tiny pile of rice, any with a opposite garnish.

The Korean repertoire is well-represented, too, with apart menu sections clinging to 3 pillars of a cuisine: bibimbap, ssam, and jjigae. All come with a tiny collection of house-made Korean pickles and kimchi, called banchan.

A long-lived favorite, and a estimable choice here, is bibimbap, that serves adult a colorful miscellany of vegetables and a protein of your choice — 6 options, from tofu to bulgogi (Korean grill beef) over rice. Bibimbap, substantially a many famous singular Korean plate after kimchi, is served here as it should be, in a normal prohibited mill play to keep a food warm, and bedecked with a runny boiled egg and ribbons of nori.

Ssam, a culinary mashup of Korean grill and lettuce wraps, is scarcely as most fun to arrange as it is to eat. The grill itself is baked in a kitchen, and arrives on a sizzling bed of peppers and onions. Served with a side of rice and a tiny plate of seasoned soybean pulp (careful, it’s salty; a tiny goes a prolonged way), ssam is offering with your choice of 4 meats: bulgogi, galbi (marinated beef brief rib), dak galbi (spicy chicken) or samgyupsal (pork belly). Better still, turn adult a crony or dual and open for a BBQ set, that gets we any 3 of a four.


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You’ll also need a integrate of inspired buddies to assistance we tackle budae jjigae, one of 4 Korean meal options underneath a Jjigae heading. Once a plate lands on your list — an doubtful mixture of ramen noodles, spam, sausage, Korean sausage, fish cake, kimchi and vegetables in a sharp gas that’s still simmering on attainment — you’ll know because a name of a plate translates loosely to “military stew.”

For a, shall we say, some-more peacemaker though equally rewarding movement on a theme, try soontofu jjigae: tofu, assorted seafood, vegetables and a runny egg in a sharp pig broth, served for one in plenty portion.

Can’t make adult your mind either you’re in a mood for Japanese or Korean? You don’t have to. You could simply brew and compare your proceed to a multicultural feast of tiny plates from a appetiser preference alone, where you’ll find a common suspects from Japanese tempura to kimchi pancake, as good as a few surprises such as bulgogi fries (think Korean poutine).

You’ll substantially wish to embody an sequence of KFC (that’s Korean boiled chicken, twice-fried and additional crispy), served with your choice of salsa (classic sharp garlic soy or sharp gochujang) in your feast. And if you’re feeling adventurous, shishamo (thin, six-inch prolonged fish — their name means “willow leaf” — with a tolerably clever flavor, skewered and boiled whole) are only what a alloy ordered.

The kitchen also turns out a an heterogeneous preference of noodle and rice dishes trimming from Nagasaki ramen (seafood in a pig bone broth) to bokkeumbap, Korean-style boiled rice) and a handful of Japanese entrees served with rice and a salad. we haven’t nonetheless sampled a duck katsu, billed as one of a chef’s signature dishes.

But I’d happily commission another plate for signature status: hyedupbap, a Korean meal-in-a-bowl that serves adult an collection of sashimi over frail churned greens and rice, with a sharp sweet-and-sour salsa (like gochujang, though lighter and brighter, with a citrusy tang) on a side. As we eat it, we can’t assistance feeling you’ve got one feet in Japan and one in Korea. I’m flattering certain Mr. Lee would be appreciative to know that.

Aroma Korea

160 NE Maynard Road, Suite 114, Cary


Cuisine: Korean, Japanese

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Prices: $$

Atmosphere: casual, tenderly welcoming

Noise level: low

Service: accessible and attentive

Recommended: sushi (check a specials board), KFC, shishamo, ssam, soontofu jjigae, hyedupbap

Open: Lunch Tuesday-Friday, cooking Tuesday-Sunday

Reservations: accepted

Other: beer and booze (including consequence and Korean wines); accommodates children; singular vegetarian selection; patio; parking in lot.

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