Review: Carnival Cruise Line’s BBQ Joint

March 28, 2017 - bbq set

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Back in 2012, Carnival Cruise Line used Carnival Breeze to launch a venue that their guests were yearning for – an outward grill restaurant. The venue, afterwards named Fat Jimmy’s Seaside BBQ, would be open on sea days and offer adult a accumulation of meats and home-cooked side dishes.

Since then, Carnival has stretched their BBQ knowledge as good as their partnership with Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri, with a outcome being Guy’s Pig Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse. As of now, a venue can usually be found on a Carnival Magic, Dream, Breeze (April 2017) and Vista (as good as a latter’s arriving sister ship, a Horizon.)

On many other ships in a fleet, BBQ lovers can prove their cravings during an eatery called Ol’ Fashioned BBQ. Both offer radically a same menu, with Guy’s upping a ante by adding andouille sausage to a mix. Of course, this BBQ partner had to give it all a try, so this is my review.

Guy’s Pig Anchor BBQ

The Location

Where we should conduct for BBQ depends on what boat we occur to be sailing on. If you’re on a Dream or Vista-class ship, a BBQ corner will be outside. When we recently sailed on Carnival Liberty, her BBQ venue had set adult emporium where a Fish Chips hire had formerly resided on a upstairs territory of a Lido buffet. Thanks to a fact that it was a bit private from a rest of a offerings, this mark valid to be a dark gem.

On a cruise, a BBQ corner was open each day and there was never most of a wait to be served. The longest we waited was a few minutes. However, on a Dream-class ships where a venue is located outside, design to mount in line for your BBQ. In fact, you’ll wish to get there really early in sequence to equivocate watchful in line all afternoon.

Ol’ Fashioned BBQ


It’s no tip that we adore BBQ. Anywhere we travel, we have to check out a BBQ scene. So when we found out that Carnival Liberty had a venue onboard, we was excited. And a food didn’t disappoint.

The menu offering pulled pig boundary that was dry burnished and delayed braised, grilled chicken, and a smoked beef. All a meats were seasoned good and served adult in inexhaustible portions. You could collect one, two, or 3 meats. we went with a contingent to see how unchanging a meats were, and they were flattering spot-on each day.

The grill also offering a good preference of sides that enclosed mac ‘n’ cheese, potato salad, homemade cole slaw, baked beans, and rolls. we was tender with all of a sides solely a baked beans, where they opted to use kidney beans, giving this plate what we found to be an peculiar taste.

Ol’ Fashioned BBQ food

Of course, a loyal magnitude of a BBQ corner comes down to a sauces, and there were 3 forms accessible here: brownish-red sugar, Kansas City, and sharp sriracha. The sharp salsa had a flog to it and was unique. All 3 had good flavor, though for me, a genuine leader was a sriracha.

Final Thoughts

Carnival gets high outlines from me only for carrying a BBQ shed on their ships. The fact that they have legit BBQ meats, stuffing sides, and a accumulation of salsas creates it that most better. we suggest removing a tiny sampling of all 3 on a really initial day so we can establish what we wish for a rest of a cruise. If you’re a BBQ fan, you’ll adore this. If you’re not, give it a try. It’s not mostly we can say, “I ate during a grill grill on a journey ship!”

Featured photo: Carnival

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