Revitalization plan in a works for Eddyville Mall

June 23, 2016 - bbq set


Many of we have memories of visiting a West Kentucky Factory Outlet in Eddyville. It was a success in a 1990s, though now a mall is empty. Two internal business owners are perplexing to make it a end again.

What was once a abounding captivate sits roughly dull solely for a few businesses, including Corner BBQ.

“We used to lay here and emporium all a time,” pronounced visit caller to a mall John Medlock. 

On Wednesday, Medlock sat inside Corner BBQ remembering what a mall used to be with Eddyville internal Julia Jacobs.

“I hatred to see it sitting here like this, and deteriorating when it shouldn’t be,” Medlock said.

Seeing intensity for a mall and wanting to marketplace a area’s story in moonshine, business consultant Daniel Thompson approached Corner BBQ owners and mall skill manager Eric Vinson with an idea.

“When someone thinks barbecue, they consider drink automatically. When someone thinks Kentucky, they consider moonlight automatically. So, it was only a good fit,” pronounced Daniel Thompson.

They started Moonshine, Beer and BBQ Company, and will use that name to pierce Corner BBQ into a bigger space and add a moonlight museum, brewery and distillery in a mall.

“We wish to reanimate a mall, reanimate a county and get some-more tourists in here,” Vinson said.

With the barbecue restaurant, distillery and museum, Vinson says they’ll emanate 100 jobs. On tip of that, they wish to fill dull spaces in a mall with other businesses.

There’s a lot of work ahead, though change is coming.

“You can’t suppose how most we’d adore to see it come back,” pronounced Jacobs.

People in a area are welcoming that change.

Lyon County expelled a formula of a visitor’s consult in May. It said the county needs some-more of an temperament and improved marketing. Vinson and Thompson wish their project will fill those needs.

There is no date set for a project’s execution yet. Vinson says it only got a initial turn of investors, and pattern skeleton and a selling plan are in a works. The business partners wouldn’t give an accurate cost, though contend it is a multimillion-dollar project.

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