Rodney Scott’s grill appears on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

April 4, 2017 - bbq set

Late Show horde Stephen Colbert on Tuesday morning suggested his grill allegiances distortion with pitmaster Rodney Scott, selecting his associate South Carolinian’s pulled pig for an on-air grill showdown.

During a episode, that aired most after than common since of a NCAA men’s basketball championship game, Colbert challenged his guest Jason Sudeikis to a hometown smoked meat battle. Although Colbert also named Charleston’s Blackjack Barbecue, before owned by Jimmy Hagood, as another favorite, he reached underneath his horde table for Scott’s pulled pork. 

Sudeikis, who was on a uncover to foster his new sci-fi beast movie, hails from Kansas City: He put adult burnt ends from obvious sequence Joe’s Kansas City.

“We sent several pounds, and sides, any salsa we make and a Z-Man sandwich pack for good luck,” a company’s selling executive told The Kansas City Star.

Scott’s grant was flown to New York City on Monday in a caring of a Scott’s group member.

According to a gag’s set-up, any comic sampled a grill from a other man’s state.

“Look, contemptible about kicking your ambience buds’ buns,” Sudeikis said. “But this is, we got to tell you, we only slather this with some sauce, some Kansas City sauce, and we could have saved this trek.”

“I’m contemptible to have scholastic you,” Colbert said.

The shred featuring Scott’s grill starts around the 9:40 symbol of this clip.

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