Ruby’s BBQ Set to Close

February 4, 2018 - bbq set

“Over a year ago, we satisfied it was time to make some changes in my life. The preference was not easy. Ruby’s has been my life, my family, my universe given 1988. Staff has been sideways of a stream conditions given final June, since I’ve had prior offers – that fell through. At this time, it looks like Ruby’s will tighten around Feb 20 (but it could be a integrate days before or after that). We’re still hammering out a sum and perplexing to figure out what creates sense.

“When Ruby’s non-stop in Nov of 1988, Austin and a village were most smaller, a Chronicle was a few blocks divided on San Gabriel, Antone’s Blues Club was only behind us, musicians lived in a residence that is now Spider House, and several barbarous characters and businesses inhabited this neighborhood. It was a good time to knowledge Austin, and Susan Moffat’s examination of Ruby’s in Jan 1989 captures a feel and stage of those years. … We’re now a “throwback” to another time and era, and there are new kids on a block.

“The Austin stage and marketplace has altered significantly. With a superfluity of a grill market, high skill taxes, augmenting meat/food prices, and necessity of labor, it’s turn formidable to do business as a tiny operator. I’m really grateful to a Austin village for a extraordinary support for scarcely 30 years, though I’m not 36 any longer and can't keep operative a prolonged hours compulsory in this business. With an aging and bum family behind in Nebraska, we need to be means to take time off, that has not been probable recently.

“Folks have asked about a cookbook, that we would entertain, and we have some impending leads for a future. Immediately, however, we devise to revisit family and take caring of dire projects during my house, flog behind with friends, and in ubiquitous attend to all a facets of my life that have been neglected a past integrate of years!

“…although a sale is certain … we do not wish to plead a impending buyer’s conditions during this time. … we can contend that a reincarnation will be a grill – not a rip down/development!

“Again, appreciate you, Austin!”

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