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Just since “alehouse” is a prejudiced of a restaurant’s name doesn’t meant this is only a beer-centric dilemma masquerading as a BBQ restaurant. Italian owners Enzo Mistretta — he was innate in Bagheria, a tiny city in Sicily — has some-more than 25 years of knowledge in restaurants. In 2005, he motionless to take on a decidedly American food — BBQ — and non-stop Enzo’s BBQ Alehouse in Oceanside. The BBQ platters are popular, generally a Southern Combo: pulled pork, Texas-smoked brisket and baby behind ribs, served with Southern beans, coleslaw and a really soppy corn bread. 4121 Oceanside Blvd., No. 201, Oceanside. (760) 643-9602. (ROCHA)

Felix’s BBQ with Soul

When we lay down during a BBQ restaurant, and they immediately move out a basket of comfortable and soppy cornbread, we know it’s firm to be a good meal. And Felix’s BBQ with Soul didn’t disappoint. The jam-packed menu has all a good Southern BBQ place ought to have — from baby behind ribs and brisket to tri-tip and pulled pork. And sides? Boy, do they have ’em. The prolonged list includes red beans with rice, black-eyed peas, mac ’n’ cheese, braised cabbage and collard greens. The meat’s not utterly a fall-off-the-bone kind, though it’s tender, and smoked only right (it’s slow-cooked in a hickory-wood-burning pit), finished by a sweet-and-smoky sauce. A cooking messenger summed adult a experience: “This is some good stuff.” Good stuff, indeed, though a use is even improved — always with a smile. 3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd., Oceanside. (760) 439-7072. (ROCHA)

Grand Ole BBQ y Asado

There’s zero imagination during this outward Texas-style grill and Argentinean grilled meats restaurant. Wood logs unfailing for a smoker are strewn about, a cruise tables are a tiny rickety, a sausages baked over a coals in an old, seasoned cast-iron skillet. But only try gripping a crowds away. It’s so popular, this scarcely 3-year-old mark is removing a spinoff in El Cajon in June. 3302 32nd St. North Park. (619) 213-3765. (PARENTE)

Lil Alex BBQ

Nestled between a Mexican grill and a Caribbean grill on Bonita Road is Lil Alex BBQ, a small, prejudiced use investiture that does grill proud. Its abounding menu — all dishes are prepared on site — ranges from tri-tip sandwiches, burgers and duck to beef ribs, pig ribs and pulled pork. Offering family plate options and daily lunch specials, Lil Alex specializes in mesquite-grilled, conspicuous ribs. Newbies should sequence plate No. 2, that facilities 4 pig ribs and a beef bone with dual side dishes. The beef bone is one of a many proposal and palatable beef ribs we will find. The meaty, not greasy pig ribs are dusted in a mild, dainty rub. Both are served with a traditional, smoky-sweet salsa with a shade of spice, though ask for it on a side; we will wish to season both meats with and but it. With a slew of side plate choices, a red potato salad is value a try — mild, creamy, with a spirit of rosemary seasoning — and a coleslaw, too, is a non-sweet element to a grill salsa so a benevolence can shine. The grill also includes a modestly stocked bar. 4020 Bonita Road, Bonita. (619) 240-7785. (MICHAEL PRICE)

Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q

Boasting Memphis-style honeyed “sauce so good creates we wish to slap somebody,” Lil’ Piggy’s nonetheless lets we select your hickory-smoked meats soppy or dry. Take in a brook perspective and a signature fall-off-the-bone, 12-hour smoked pulled pig for a ultimate San Diego grill experience. 1201 First St., Coronado (at a Coronado Ferry Landing). (619) 522–0217. (PARENTE)

Phil’s BBQ

Since 1998, Phil’s has been San Diego County’s initial name in grill — and grill lines. (My strategy? Downing a ’cue during Petco Park, where a wait is shorter.) Mesquite-grilled baby behind and beef ribs are palatable even dry. But who’d pass on a million-gallon-selling grill sauce, that has abyss of season and only adequate kick. Pass a Wet-Naps, please. Locations in Petco Park (three sections), Point Loma, Rancho Bernardo, San Marcos, Santee and San Diego International Airport (Terminal 2). (PARENTE)

Smokeyard BBQ and Chop House

Barbecue for a Lululemon set, Smokeyard non-stop in Nov as prejudiced of a UTC mall’s upscale dining expansion. Don’t let a quinoa-stuffed portobello dope we — there’s some critical barbecuing going on here. You can ambience it in a palatable and proposal beef ribs, tri-tip and pulled pork. 4313 La Jolla Village Drive (Westfield UTC, nearby Macy’s). La Jolla. (858) 630-7427. (PARENTE)

Valley Farm BBQ

It’s served from a shack, designed for carry-out, and we will be so happy to sequence during a window and take it home. Perched during a verbatim dilemma of Campo Road and Bancroft Road, a modest, gardener’s shack-looking investiture serves adult maybe a best grill we will find out East, vital adult to a motto, “Small place, large taste.” The customary transport of tri-tip, ribs, rib racks, pulled pig and duck are all offered, even a Black Angus prohibited dog is included. The Sampler Platter offers 3 pig ribs, a half bruise of sliced tri-tip, a pulled-pork slider, a choice of one side plate and a tiny bag of chips. The pig ribs are crusted in a sinfully honeyed massage that we will penchant and substantially dream about. The tri-tip, while a bit chewy, is palatable and laced with perfumed smokiness. The slider sandwich partners ideally with a grill sauce, a smoky-sweet mix with a flog and nonetheless we can still ambience a tomato. The shed also offers 5 Boar’s Head deli-meat sandwich choices for cruise accumulation or a sadly unconvinced. But a shed courteously offers 3 cruise tables outward a grouping window for those proudly assured BBQ enthusiasts who can’t wait a expostulate home to dine. 9050 Campo Road, Spring Valley. (619) 303-8342. (PRICE)

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