Shooting mars Mother’s Day BBQ

May 16, 2017 - bbq set

A Mother’s Day griddle scarcely finished in tragedy on May 14 when 35-year-old Billy Jack Gomez allegedly dismissed a .300 magnum purloin during his 34-year-old brother, according to a Linn County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a LCSO report, a group and their mother, Peggy Gomez, 55, were during a home in a 100 retard of Vaughan Lane about 4:30 p.m. and had gotten into a scuffle. Hunter Gomez afterwards went outward to ready a griddle grill.

According to Undersheriff Jim Yon, Billy Jack Gomez reportedly went into a house, retrieved a purloin and dismissed a turn that went by a shade door.

Yon pronounced a bullet narrowly missed Hunter Gomez and struck a ground. There were no injuries.

Gomez was charged with attempted murder and wrong use of a weapon.

Deputies were assisted by members of a Oregon State Police and Lebanon Police Department.

Billy Jack Gomez seemed by video prosecution in Linn County Circuit Court Monday afternoon. Attorney Kent Hickam was allocated to paint him.

Counsel representing Gomez during a prosecution asked that confidence be set during $50,000.

Prosecutor Coleen Cerda told Judge Carol Bispham that Gomez has countless charges of disaster to seem on his record and asked for confidence of $100,000.

Judge Bispham pronounced that due to his prior charges, confidence would be set during $75,000.

She also told Gomez he was to not have any hit with his brother.

“There will be no hit with a purported victim,” Bispham said. “That means no messages, no phone calls, no anything.”

Gomez is scheduled to seem in justice during 8:30 a.m. on May 30.

Judge Bispham pronounced a hearing deadline would be Jul 13.

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