Smokey Hayes BBQ Competition

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Smokey Hayes BBQ Competition

BBQ ribs and a western pattern of a Pioneer Hotel Gambling Hall are a ideal fit. So, if you’re going to chuck a BBQ rib competition/party, you’d be tough pulpy to come adult with a improved environment than a front parking lot of a Pioneer.

ScottSmokeyHayes agrees.

Hayes, a internal Fort Mohave, Arizona, resident, is a male behind a “Smokey Hayes BBQ CompetitionPorkin’ on a River,” hold in a front parking lot of a Pioneer on Sat, Mar 28 (10 a.m. start), $2 acknowledgment fee. This is a BBQ pig rib and pig shoulder cook-off that is user accessible for cookers, visitors and free causes.

For a cookers, his cook-off has a low entrance price that means a small man can contest with a large boys. And there are though dual categories of beef of concern—pork ribs (spares/baby) and pig shoulder (picnic/pork butt).

The accessible aspect for those attending comes by approach of sampling of a ribs in competition, as good as raffles, outside bar, vendors and live entertainment.

The free causes that advantage from a “Porkin’ on a River” eventuality are a River Fund, that assists internal cancer patients and others, and a Laughlin Rotary Club‘s scholarships and clergyman grants.

Hayes has employed this true brazen format to this cook-offs in a area for a few years, both in Bullhead City and now for his second year during a Pioneer.

“I have been concerned with these cook-offs for years, both as a organizer and a cooker” says Hayes. “This is a usually one in Laughlin though there is one entrance adult on Apr 11, during Hooch’s 66 Bar Grill in Topock/Golden Shores that will be a good one, too.”

According to Hayes, he has found a home during a Pioneer for his annual prepare off interjection to Chris Lowden, executive of pattern and growth of a Pioneer and a work of Val Gabaldon of selling and a whole Pioneer staff.

Talkin’ Q…

There are 28 teams of cooks in a foe (they have already been set before a eventuality starts). The cooking and aroma takes place on Saturday with a cooks nearing in a early morning for a manners assembly and inspection. Some of those manners embody no parboiling or pre-cooking of a meat, and that beef has to be pig ribs (spares/babyback) or pig shoulder (picnic/butt). Only fires of wood, pellets or colourless are authorised to prepare with—no gas or electric grills. According to Hayes, many of a cooks cite timber or pile charcoal.

“I like applewood when cooking ribs,” says Hayes in an insider’s guide. “I also use cherry, pecan and mesquite for other meats, and we unequivocally like pink timber for brisket. It doesn’t put off as clever a fume as hickory or mesquite and with a longer cooking time of brisket a some-more pointed pink gives only adequate fume but powerful a meat.”

It also helps that Hayes has a man with trees in Las Vegas that he trims any year to offer as his supplier. But that is brisket, and that is for another day. For this day, it’s all about pork.

The cash…

The 28 teams of cooks entered come from all over a western U.S. and embody some tip BBQ teams who contest frequently in Kansas City Barbecue Society events.

The ribs and pig shoulder will be judged by approved BBQ judges who will bottom their selections on appearance, ambience and tenderness. The cooks can use whatever massage or salsa they wish.

“It’s adult to a cooks,” says Hayes. “We will have cooks who cite Kansas City style, Georgia style, Texas style….you name it.”

When asked what some of a differences are Hayes offering that Georgia character tends to have some-more vinegar than Kansas City, that is sweeter, and Texas that has a spicy, chili rub. His personal welfare is a Kansas City version.

Whichever teams win, as energetic by a judges, they will accept a following income prizes.

•Grand Champion— $1,500, this is a altogether leader regardless of category;

•Reserved Grand Champion—$1,000, regardless of category;

•1st place in any category—$500;

2nd place in any category—$300;

3rd place in any category—$200;

4th place in any category—$150;

5th place in any category—$100.


Also, any 1st place leader will accept a case of ribeye steaks from Outwest Meats, and a 6th by 9th place finishers will any accept a case of spareribs from Outwest Meats.

“That’s about $1,200 value of beef combined to a $5,000 in esteem money,” adds Hayes. “I’ll have to ensure those ribeyes.”


Those in assemblage can squeeze sampling tickets for $2 each. Each sheet is good for a rib or representation of pulled pig from a competitors. The sampling starts during 12:30 p.m.

But wait, there’s more…

In serve to a sampling and review with a cooks, a eventuality will underline live song by Shawn Eiferman (10 a.m.-5 p.m.), accumulation of vendors and a full bar and food use area manned by a Pioneer food and libation department.

The serve of Shawn Eiferman is no throwaway element, as in, “music supposing by a DJ.” Nope. Eiferman is a bonafide, real-deal entertainer/songwriter/singer/funnyman who is a buttress during Vegas spots like Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo, The Park on Fremont and Stations casinos, among many others. His songs have been featured on WB‘s “Dawsons Creek“, on inhabitant TV ads and other TV programs. He has collected initial place awards in world-wide songwriting contests (including a USA Songwriting Contest) and has been called by Music Magazine an “all-around hip musician and scenestar with an endless repertoire and energetic theatre presence.”

Boil that down and we get some good song and party to go with your ‘Q’.


As settled earlier, a “Porkin’ on a River” foe also serves as a fund-raiser for a River Fund and a Laughlin Rotary Clubs scholarships and clergyman grants. Monies lifted for these causes comes by approach of raffles hold via a day. The prizes were donated by internal businesses and organizations and embody a 70″ Vizio HD prosaic shade TV (valued during $1,400); Coach purses valued during $200 each; oriental dragon blade with arrangement stand; a verbatim “barrel of booze”  (a tub filled with approximately 35 bottles); several casino room packages; present baskets; and a lot more.

There will also be a 50/50 sketch hold as a supplemental fundraiser.

“Our idea is to lift $5,000 for a River Fund alone,” says Hayes. “So, c’mon out and have some good BBQ and assistance out good causes during a same time. Buy lots of raffle tickets.”

For serve information on this event, or destiny events constructed by Smokey Hayes, see  For information on a arriving Hooch’s 66 Topock Annual Backyard BBQ Rib Cook off on Sat, Apr 11, hit Barbra McClure (Weilage) during 928-201-5055 or email



Pioneer Front Parking Lot

Saturday, Mar 28. 10 a.m. start. ($2 entrance fee, $2 sampling tickets)

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