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March 23, 2018 - bbq set


By Missy Schrott |

Two food trucks and 3 years given Dylan Kough initial got into a internal barbeque scene, he’s prepared to take a subsequent step: opening a restaurant.

If all goes according to plan, Kough (pronounced “cow”) is carefree Smoking Kow BBQ’s discerning infrequent grill during 3250 Duke St. will open in a initial few weeks of April.

Have no fear, food lorry fanatics – Kough will continue portion adult his barbeque on wheels via a Washington D.C. metro area in further to handling a restaurant.

A duck sandwich surfaced with coleslaw on a potato roll. (Courtesy Photo)

At 28 years old, Kough is still comparatively new to a tiny business and food industries. Three years ago, he found himself about as distant from a grill owners as it gets – discontented with a financial consulting gig and a CPA certification.

In Apr 2015, after years of checking out a food trucks that came to his bureau for lunch, Kough motionless to desert his table pursuit for one that would opposition a compensation of his garlic jalapeno mac ‘n cheese.

“It was kind of a disaster during first,” Kough said. “I had no thought what we was doing a initial 3 months. … It was only some-more of a startle where we go from bureau world, where we had flattering many no responsibility, [where] it doesn’t matter if we do something, contra food lorry world, where it’s only me. If something gets done, we have to do it.”

Kough started out with a comparatively elementary menu of brisket, pig and duck with mac ‘n cheese and coleslaw for sides. It was his business who helped rise a menu’s many renouned item: Mac ‘n Meat.

“Everyone only started grouping a mac ‘n cheese with beef on top, so we put that during a tip of a menu, and now that’s like a categorical thing,” Kough said.

For a past 3 years, Smoking Kow’s black and white food trucks have been handling out of Union Kitchen, a bottom heart in D.C. where several food trucks and catering companies share ovens, sinks and other equipment. Kough pronounced one of his reasons for going section and trebuchet was to settle a improved bottom of operations for his trucks.

“Every day, it’s like, what’s gonna occur today?” Kough said. “I’m gonna try to rinse my dishes, and it’s gonna be full of Brussels sprouts, only pointless things like that. It’s only too much. Honestly, we wish we would’ve left dual years ago, 3 years ago.”

Kough (left) and Tecchio (right) inside their new restaurant. (Photo: Missy Schrott)

Despite a drawbacks, Union Kitchen was means to broach Kough a ubiquitous manager for his new restaurant, Paul Tecchio. At a time, Tecchio was operative in a common kitchen with a catering company.

“I only reached out and was like, ‘Hey, do we need any assistance removing a thing together?’” Tecchio said, “And he was like, ‘I need assistance with everything. we wish we to come conduct it for me.’ So it only kind of fell into place.”

Also 28 years old, Tecchio is a prepare by trade, carrying attended vocational high propagandize and a College of Culinary Arts during Johnson Wales University.

“I grew adult in an Italian domicile where we talked about what we were gonna have for cooking while we were eating lunch,” Tecchio said.

After graduating culinary school, Tecchio found himself consulting for grill openings. One of a restaurants he’s non-stop is Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza Tap in Alexandria, where he worked as a executive sous prepare and helped rise some-more than half of a strange menu.

“This is a initial time that I’ve gotten in when [the grill was] a shell,” he said. “I, in coordination with Dylan, have been creation a lot of decisions about where things should go, how things should be set up. Instead of carrying to come in and understanding with decisions that people have already made, I’m kind of being there creation a decisions as well, that is a lot some-more enjoyable.”

Tecchio pronounced he’s been during 3250 Duke St. roughly any day given renovations began. He pronounced some of a routine has been convenient, given a building was a longtime home of another restaurant, Cafe Monti. Administratively, he pronounced they’ve privileged roughly all hurdles design for a final building investigation and health inspection.

“We’re in that proviso of construction where it doesn’t demeanour like we’re tighten to being done, though all of remarkable only all happens really, unequivocally fast. Construction starts delayed and ends quick,” Tecchio said.

While a cruise tables are still being assembled and a keg taps installed, a new restaurant’s hallmark feature, a large smoker, is bending adult and prepared to start cooking.

Kough purchased a restaurant’s new smoker from an auction attorney in Kansas City, Missouri. He pronounced he skeleton to put a meats in a smoker any day around 4 p.m., prepare them during a low heat overnight and take them out during around 8 a.m. a subsequent morning. (Photo: Missy Schrott) 

“This is where all a magic’s gonna happen, as they say,” Tecchio said, display off a glossy china square of apparatus that takes adult roughly a entertain of a kitchen.

Kough bought a smoker in a heart of barbeque nation from an auction attorney in Kansas City, Missouri. Big adequate to need ripping down a few doorway frames, a smoker doesn’t go above 300 degrees and will be means to say a low and delayed cooking heat overnight for some-more than 12 hours.

The new grill is discerning casual, definition business sequence during a opposite and collect adult their food shortly after. The grill will also offer a accumulation of breeze and bottled beer. Meals will cost an normal of $10 to $15, Kough said.

Tecchio pronounced he expects a grill to be many bustling during lunch, given a upscale barbeque they offer is opposite from a sequence restaurants in a frame mall opposite Duke Street. He pronounced he expects a lot of feet trade from a offices, health practices, mechanics and other businesses nearby.

Dine-in business can food down barbeque character during 4 cruise tables. Tecchio also pronounced he expects Smoking Kow to fill a much-needed blank in a carryout and smoothness app stage in a area.

“I used to live in Alexandria, about a mile away. When we go onto GrubHub or Uber Eats or whatever other use you’re using, there isn’t much,” Tecchio said. “There’s possibly common pizza or a half decent Philly cheesesteak, so we consider for dinner, we’re gonna get a lot of a possibly lift out or GrubHub or some other kind of use like that.”

Kough and Tecchio cut beef after violation in a new smoker for a initial time this past weekend. (Courtesy Photo)

Kough pronounced he looks brazen to regulating a restaurant’s atmospheric kitchen to examination with a menu but a constraints of food trucks and Union Kitchen’s facilities. One specialty object Kough recently introduced to a trucks that he looks brazen to bringing to a grill is Korean-style barbeque tacos on homemade tortillas.

“We’re gonna have a bigger menu and we’re gonna be means to do things that we haven’t been means to do,” Kough said. “On a trucks, you’re perplexing to speed by as many people as we can.You’re in a parsimonious space, you’re compelled by equipment, so I’m vehement to do a lot some-more stuff, only some-more recipes, some-more items.”

Both Kough and Tecchio pronounced they’re fervent to get adult and running.

“The response here with a village for a grill has been overwhelmingly positive,” Tecchio said. “I’ll be sitting on that dais right outside, and when trade backs up, I’ll have people rolling down a window saying, ‘Hey, when are we gonna open? What’s a deal?’ we mean, people are vehement about it.”

“You hear 95 percent of restaurants fail, blah, blah, blah. I’m flattering certain this one’s not going to fail,” Kough said. “I’m only vehement to open.”


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