South Charleston male vital MLK dream; opens new BBQ restaurant

January 18, 2016 - bbq set


Billy Dyess of South Charleston will applaud a Martin Luther King. Jr. holiday with a grand opening of his new restaurant, Mary Lou’s BBQ Kitchen this week.

Due to many open officials carrying obligations on MLK Day, a grand opening during Mary Lou’s will take place on Tuesday, Jan 19, from 11 am until 8 p.m.

Dyess only incited 50, and has been cooking professionally for 30 years. He was innate and lifted in South Charleston, though after spent time in Ohio and Pennsylvania, before relocating behind to a Mountain State to pursue his BBQ skills 4 years ago. His is obvious for a BBQ food-cart he operated along Washington Street for years in Charleston’s East End.

His new dream, and now reality, Mary Lou’s, facilities all kinds of BBQ, prepared with dry rubs, smoked, and sauced – including ribs, chicken, and pulled pork. But, it’s not only a BBQ place – it has other specialties like lasagna and flatbread gyros. Of course, there are a classical Southern side dishes!

 “Oh it’s unequivocally sparkling since I’ve always had a passion for cooking and once somebody bites into my good food, we unequivocally suffer that, and it unequivocally touches my heart,” Dyess said.

Dyess is a large follower in posterior a dreams advocated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., including entrepreneurship and tiny business growth in minority communities. He wanted his food-cart to grow into a stand-alone restaurant.

“When we have a dream and we set out for that dream, and to be means to grasp that dream, when all comes together. It feels smashing that we can all have dreams and go out and grasp them,” Dyess said.

In gripping with that dream, Dyess wants to sinecure some-more people from a evident village and hopes to be a tiny business mercantile force in South Charleston.

Right now Mary Lou’s offers dine-in and carry-out food for lunch and dinner, with skeleton to enhance hours shortly for breakfast. Delivery is also being planned.                 

Mary Lou’s BBQ Kitchen is located during 4854 MacCorkle Avenue, South Charleston. 

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