‘Star Wars’ awakens merchandising efforts

December 13, 2015 - bbq set

The entrance of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” to theaters this week has also awakened film theaters and stores to a merchandising possibilities of a energetically awaited film.

Theaters are hosting marathon showings of all 7 of a “Star Wars” cinema and charity commemoration mugs, containers, present cards and doing other promotions. Stores are charity toys, clothing, books and other equipment associated to “Star Wars”.

“We have an aisle dedicated to a “Star Wars” movie, not usually with toys though wardrobe items, hats, gloves even Christmas lights,” pronounced Amanda Goodwin, village growth business manager during Barnes Noble, 8029 Kingston Pike.

The film premiers in many theaters Friday, nonetheless Regal Entertainment is charity an modernized display as partial of a “Star Wars” marathon Thursday during a Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18 in Knoxville. The Cinemark Tinseltown USA in Oak Ridge is also promotion an modernized display Thursday.

Finding ways to sell a latest “Star Wars” film will be generally critical to film theaters. BoxOffice.com projects “The Force Awakens” will be a top-grossing film of all time, though since of a approach agreements with a theaters are structured, distributor Walt Disney Co. will get a aloft cut of sheet income than with many other films. BoxOffice.com estimates a film could beget adult to $762 million in sheet sales in a U.S. and Canada.

Knoxville-based Regal Entertainment, that operates 571 theaters opposite a nation, including 5 in Knoxville, will have a series of promotions when “The Force Awakens” opens. Sandra Heinig, executive of open relations, pronounced Regal will reason Star Wars marathon events during 22 of a locations, including a Pinnacle Stadium 18, during 11240 Parkside Drive.

Heinig pronounced a Pinnacle eventuality is sole out; however, a Pinnacle museum will have a “Star Wars” sell kiosk, slated to open Monday. It will underline T-shirts, hoodies, pivotal chains, posters and other items, she said.

The marathon during Regal Pinnacle starts during 4 a.m. Thursday with “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,” and continues with “The Clone Wars,” “Revenge of a Sith,” “A New Hope,” “The Empire Strikes Back,” and “Return of a Jedi,” and wraps adult with “The Force Awakens” during 7 p.m.

Those attending a Regal “Star Wars” marathon events will be means to buy disdainful “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” popcorn tins and a collector’s crater for $19.95 that will be refillable for a run of a marathon. Regal will also be charity 5 opposite “Star Wars” impression splash toppers for $1.99.

Regal theaters will also be charity “The Force Awakens” branded present cards, redeemable for acknowledgment or benefaction purchases, and any Saturday, from Dec. 19 to Jan. 9, a initial 500 Imax guest to “The Force Awakens” showings during Regal Pinnacle will accept a collectible “Star Wars” film ticket.

Carmike Cinemas, headquartered in Columbus, Ga., has 3 museum locations in Knoxville. Carmike officials did not lapse steady write and email requests for comment. The company’s website listed showings for “The Force Awakens” during a Wynnsong 16 theater, 200 N. Peters Road, starting Dec. 17. The site had sum of a marathon display of all 7 “Star Wars” films during a Carmike museum in Franklin, Tenn., though did not list any “Star Wars” promotions for Knoxville.

Not all film theaters are going a additional merchandising mile with a “Star Wars” movie. The Halls Cinema, 3800 Neal Drive, will be premiering a film Thursday, though differently doesn’t devise to do any film marathons, or offer special popcorn tins or merchandise.

“We are not doing anything special,” pronounced Mitch Miracle, ubiquitous manager. “We are only a small eccentric theater.”

But he expects a museum will still do a healthy business with “The Force Awakens.”

“That is one film that no museum will have to work to sell; it will sell itself,” he said.

The film seems to be pushing an considerable operation of sell for sell stores. At Barnes Noble, there’s some-more than only Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker movement figures. There’s a Darth Vader Lightsaber BBQ Tongs. They underline a heat-proof cosmetic lightsaber-style hoop that works a set of steel tongs. The device can make “Star Wars” sounds for a thespian outcome when we grasp that hotdog or hamburger. The box art urges we to “Rule a griddle and a galaxy.”

Shoppers looking to trim a Christmas tree can collect from possibly Yoda or Imperial Storm Trooper light strands, or they can put them both adult to acknowledge both a light and dim sides of The Force.

There are “Star Wars” chess sets, wall clocks, gloves, weave caps, indication kits and other items. There is a Boba Fett Bluetooth speaker. Jabba a Hutt, a huge, slobbering sluglike quadruped from “Return of a Jedi,” is now a cuddly plush toy.

The Barnes Noble store began receiving a “Star Wars” sell during a summer, as seductiveness built toward a recover of a film, Goodwin said. The “Star Wars” products have sole unequivocally well, she said.

“They keep promulgation it to us and we keep offered it,” she said.

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