Summer days Burnt sausages on a BBQ to wasp attacks: 37 things that set British summers detached from other countries

July 1, 2016 - bbq set

NEW investigate has suggested what UK summers indeed include of, with groan about a weather, BBQs and Wimbledon rising as indicators of a truly British summer.

The consult of 2,000 Brits of all ages, conducted by Asda, has suggested that over half of respondents (56 per cent) see summer in a UK as totally singular to anywhere else in world.

Men barbecuing in rain

The investigate also found a carefree 79 per cent of Brits demeanour brazen to summer with confidence and unrestrained each year – yet when it indeed arrives, 81 per cent acknowledge there’s customarily an component of disappointment.

Charlie Mills, Fresh Produce Category Planning Manager said: “Although we like to blubber that we don’t get most of a summer, a investigate shows that we unequivocally do welcome a aberration with a tennis and a good play of strawberries and cream being a genuine highlight.

Strawberries and tennis

“Our strawberries fly off a shelf during Wimbledon with families stocking adult prepared for an afternoon in front of a TV, a cruise in a park or even a outing to Murray Mound. We’re prepared for this again, quite as it’s a summer of fender British celebrations for a customers”.

According to a data, Brits devise to horde or attend 4 BBQs on normal during a summer months yet 3 of those 4 will be a finish washout.

In terms of a expectations, a picturesque 69 per cent explain they have come to accept summer in a UK for what it is and try and suffer themselves anyway.

But a nationalistic 46 per cent said, notwithstanding a highs and lows, Britain in a summer is improved than anywhere else.

37 Things that make a British summer unique

1.Moaning about a weather
2.Fish and chips by a sea

Fish and Chips by a sea

4.Getting shorts on during a initial pointer of sun

5.99 flakes from an ice cream van

Girl on strand holiday, eating ice cream cone (99 whippy)

6.Strawberries and cream
7.Rumours of a hose-pipe ban
8.Caravan holidays

friends carrying a BBQ and drinks

9.Lots of group station around a BBQ

10.Hearing your neighbours reap their lawn
11.Drinking a Shandy in a pub garden

Aumeister Beer garden, English Garden, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

12.Men with their shirts off
13.Watching cricket
14.Filling adult a paddling pool

Sausage on a grill

15.Burning sausages on a BBQ
16.Running divided from wasps
17.Eating a cream tea


18.Disposable BBQs
19.Drinking beers in a park
20.Socks and sandals

Oh no, it's raining!

21.Listening to a sleet from inside your tent
22.Garden parties
23.Getting object burnt even yet we wore cause 50


25.Donkey rides
26.Adding any form of fruit to alcohol


27.Carrying a cold box MILES to a beach
28.An unpretentious diversion of rounders
29.Scotch eggs

Valparaiso, Nebraska, United States of America

30.Canal vessel holidays
31.Sand in your swimming costume
32.Tattoos on display

Glastonbury Festival 2015 - Atmosphere

33.Pork pies
34.Trying to source a retreat during a final minute
35.Arguing over a tent instructions

Playing in kiddie pool

36.Dancing with aged neighbours during travel parties
37.Trips to a Lido

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