SXSW Experiential Marketing: Puppies and BBQ Science

March 19, 2015 - bbq set

PSFK, with a partner Group Delphi, scoured SXSW 2015 for a best activations

PSFK and Group Delphi strike a belligerent using to director a best experiential selling activations during SXSW Interactive this year. From pop-ups to immersive practice to guerilla marketing. From a dumb to a whatever to a clever. From St. Bernard dogs touting self-phone chargers to a BBQ salsa scholarship lab to practical existence simulators.

Here is a second partial of a three-part series. Take a demeanour during partial one here.

Mophie: Best Use Of Saint Bernard Dogs


Mophie, creators of phone cases that energy adult your unstable devices, lured in hordes of SXSW attendees by tugging on their heart strings, leveraging dual things scarcely everybody loves: juiced-up phone batteries and puppies.

Participants could twitter during Mophie with their location, a screenshot of their failing battery, and a hashtag #mophieRescue for a possibility to be sent an insufferably lovable gold of flint with a extract battery container case.

Passersby could also stop during a Mophie pop-up to revisit (and potentially adopt) a discovered Saint Bernard puppies and/or squeeze one of a products onsite.

The IPSOS Girls’ Lounge: Best Glass Case Of Emotion

IPSOS girls' lounge-01.jpg

A 40-foot plexiglass box served as a heart for determined badass lady bosses. The Girls’ Lounge, combined by women’s empowerment organisation IPSOS, directed to enthuse a subsequent era of womanlike executives by certainty coaching and chats with women execs on assertiveness, farrago and feminism.

The IPSOS pop-up also enclosed a beauty bar, feet reflexology, a speak bob with Cat Greenleaf, happy hours, a DJ and more.

Kwik-E-Mart Truck: Best Convenience Store Outside Of Springfield


The Kwik-E-Mart food lorry gave SXSW attendees a ambience of a Springfield preference store IRL. The pop-up mobile trailer distinguished a 25th anniversary of The Simpsons. The Kwik-E-Mart distraction by FX directed to move a code out of a animation universe and into a earthy one—Squishees and all.

General Electric: Best Way To Let Scientific Facts Marinate

GE BBQ 2-01.jpg

General Electric (GE) wanted to surveillance a investigate and growth salvation by a experiential selling activation—from formulating your possess grill sauce, insane scientist style, to sporting headsets that arrangement your brainwaves while eating BBQ.

The SXSW GE workshops set adult emporium in a investigate trickery meets cruise space. The idea was to concurrently applaud a enlightenment around grill and try how data, research and scholarship can allege a art of it.

Lead Image: Matt Perich | CC | Image altered

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