Syracuse Fans Celebrate during Chicago Dinosaur BBQ

March 26, 2016 - bbq set

CHICAGO, IL. — The night started with a Syracuse Pep Band, the
Orange Cheer Squad and even Otto stopped by a Dinosaur BBQ in
Chicago for a central watch celebration for SU fans and alumni who
couldn’t get into a game.

“It’s awesome,” pronounced Sue Ballard, SU Associate VP of
Alumni Engagement. “We have over 4,000 alumni on Chicago so when
we come here it unequivocally feels like home.  We’re so vehement to be here,
generally in a Sweet 16.”

Syracuse’s Chancellor even done a stop to contend hello before heading
over to a United Center.

“A lot of people didn’t consider a teams could do this and I’m
so blissful to infer them wrong and I’m unequivocally looking brazen to both the
men’s and women’s teams floating President Obama’s brackets,”
said Kent Syverud, SU Chancellor.

But a fans were here to see one thing, a Orange conflict Gonzaga
in a Sweet 16.

The initial half had some ups and some downs, though a fact Syracuse
was usually down by one during a half gave fans a lot of hope.

“I was disturbed during first,” pronounced Murray Jacobs, a SU fan in
Chicago. “Syracuse was kind of giving adult and their defense, they
kind of tightened it adult and it’s unequivocally exciting.”

“We are so tighten though we’ve got them accurately where we want
them,” pronounced Jacque Lueken, a SU fan in Chicago. “We’re going
to take it. It’s going to be awesome.”

The second half was many like a first, usually some-more intense.
 Especially In a final notation with a Orange trailing by one.

“It’s only crazy,” Jacobs said. “Oh woah, woah, woah.
Okay, okay, okay.

But afterwards it happened. Michael Gbinije.  

‘Cuse had a lead and Freshman Tyler Lydon capped off a win.

“Yes, we took it away,” Lueken said. “That was
amazing. It was accurately what we wanted to have happen.”

“I’m exhausted,” Jacobs said. “This is crazy. It’s
crazy. I’m just, I’m exhausted. Oh my gosh.”

“The good news for Murray is that he has about 40 hours to calm
down before he maybe has to do this all over again as a Orange are
set to conflict Virginia for a mark in a Final Four.  How do Murray
Jacque feel about that one?  Well, like many everybody here,
Syracuse, they contend has a good shot. 

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