‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Gas Station Set to Open as Horror-Themed BBQ Joint

March 30, 2016 - bbq set

After being sealed for many years, a Last Chance gas hire will free as “We Slaughter Barbecue

If we imagination a side of blood-curdling fear with your BBQ ribs and coleslaw, afterwards we have a mark for you.

An iconic underline of a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” set is being remade into a aptly-named “We Slaughter Barbecue” joint, according to a Guardian.

Described as a “horror grill resort,” a new eatery will open this summer during a building that hold the Last Chance gas hire in a film — also famous as Bilbo’s Texas Landmark — in Bastrop, Texas.

Fans of a 1974 Tobe Hooper-directed blood fest will remember that the filling hire and grill corner was run by Drayton Sawyer, a conduct of a family of cannibals and a male had a robe of serving business tellurian chili.

After descending into disrepair and being sealed for many years, a venue is set to be reopened by Ohio businessman Roy Rose, a longtime “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” fan who bought a skill final year.

According to a Guardian, he has also brought actor Ari Lehman, who played a initial Jason Voorhees in a 1980 film “Friday a 13th,” on house as a partner.

“We’re going to build a fear grill resort,” film-lover Rose told internal NBC associate KXAN final year. “We’re going to put cabins in a behind for all a fans who wish to come and stay a night.”

“It’ll be a safe, and fun and frightful place for families and everybody to come and have a good time,” a owners added, saying the redesigned venue will include an outside theatre for low-pitched acts and a emporium filled with frightful movie memorabilia.

A prequel to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” patrician “Leatherface” is set for recover after this year from Millennium Films, starring Vanessa Grasse, Stephen Dorff and Lili Taylor.

Grasse plays Lizzy, a immature helper during a mental sanatorium who’s kidnapped by a organisation of aroused teenagers and taken on a highway outing from hell. Pursued by an equally demented lawman (Dorff) out for revenge, one of a teenagers is unfailing for tragedy and horrors that will destroy his mind, frame him into a beast famous as Leatherface.

  • “The Babadook” (2014)
    Essie Davis stars as a singular mom who is frightened to learn a beast from her son’s nightmares competence be real.

    IFC Films

  • “A Girl Walks Home Alone during Night” (2014)
    A puzzling vampire preys on group who disregard women in an Iranian film billed as a “vampire western.”

    Kino Lorber

  • Dimension Films
  • Paramount Pictures
  • 20th Century Fox
  • “The Host” (2006)
    A beast emerges from a soiled Han River, terrorizing internal residents in Bong Joon-Ho‘s South Korean fear movie.

    Magnolia Pictures

  • “Hellraiser” (1987)

    Written and destined by Clive Barker, “Hellraiser” is a initial in a nine-film array about a gateway to a universe of Cenobites, monsters that collect and woe tellurian souls.

    New World Pictures

  • “Creep” (2014)
    Patrick Brice‘s found footage fear film follows a male who starts to think he’s in risk after he responds a mysterious Craigslist pursuit listing.

    The Orchard

  • “The Omen” (1976)
    Following a array of unexplained deaths, an American diplomat and his mom think that their adopted son competence be a antichrist.

    20th Century Fox

  • “Monsters” (2010)
    An area between a U.S. and Mexico limit is quarantined following a pile-up of a NASA space examine when it becomes inhabited by hulk monsters.

    Vertigo Films

  • “Teeth” (2007)
    Mitchell Lichtenstein’s fear comedy stars Jess Weixler as a teen lady who discovers she has teeth in her vagina.

    Roadside Atractions

  • Syfy
  • “The Human Centipede” Trilogy (2009)
    Humans are stitched together, connected by their gastrointestinal systems, in Tom Six’s physique fear trilogy.

    IFC Films


Unfortunately — and ironically — “Friday a 13th” is not available

“The Babadook” (2014)
Essie Davis stars as a singular mom who is frightened to learn a beast from her son’s nightmares competence be real.

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