Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s strange film-set is now a horror-themed BBQ resort

March 31, 2016 - bbq set

The barbarous gas hire that supposing a backdrop to The Texas Chain Massacre has been incited into a world’s initial horror/BBQ resort, it has emerged currently (March 30).

The Texas Chain Massacre – created and destined by Tobe Hopper – became barbarous for a striking depiction of cannibalism on a recover in 1974 and has widely been regarded as one of a many successful fear films of all time.

In a film, a organisation of teenagers get mislaid and finish adult seeking assistance during The Last Chance gas station. The fuelling hire – that also doubles adult as a BBQ corner – houses Drayton Sawyer and his family of cannibals – who demeanour to offer visitors as tangible food.

According to The Guardian, after fibbing sealed for years, The Last Chance gas hire will free to visitors as a thesis park loyalty to a fear franchise.

Ohio businessman named Roy Rose reportedly desired a fear film given he initial saw it on his 10th birthday, and afterwards bought a skill final year, changed to Texas and set about restoring it. He has also brought Ari Lehman on house – who played a initial Jason Voorhees in a 1980 slasher film Friday a 13th – as a artistic partner.

“We’re going to build a ‘horror grill resort’, we’re going to put cabins in a behind for all a fans that wish to come and stay a night,” Rose told KXAN internal news final year. The refurbished landmark will underline a sell store, cafe, a gig space and a cinema shade for display a film itself.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station is approaching to open in mid-July, according to a project’s Facebook page.

Meanwhile, in Nov 2015, Gunnar Hansen, a actor who played The Texas Chain Saw Massacre‘s iconic knave Leatherface, has died during a age of 68.

Hansen was innate in Iceland though changed to a US as a child and went on to investigate English during a University of Texas. He auditioned to play mentally marred knave Leatherface shortly after graduating in 1973 and, after alighting a part, he apparently visited children with special needs as investigate for a role.

Hansen left behaving behind after creation a second film, The Demon Lover, determining instead to forge a career as a writer. He incited down a partial in 1977’s classical The Hills Have Eyes, though returned to behaving in 1988 with a lead purpose in a travesty fear film Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers.

He continued to take on roles for a residue of his life, mostly appearing in low-budget fear films or spoofs. In 2013, he published a book called Chain Saw Confidential, that chronicled a creation of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Hansen died on Saturday after a conflict with pancreatic cancer, his representative confirmed. He is survived by his partner of 13 years, Betty Tower.

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