The Best Barbecue in Both IL and MO Is in Metro St. Louis, Food and Wine Says

July 25, 2018 - bbq set

Big Baby Q's ribs. - MABEL SUEN

  • Big Baby Q’s ribs.

The best grill in Missouri? We’ve got that here in St. Louis. The best grill in Illinois? We’ve got that too.

The metro area only won double acclamation from Food Wine, that gathered a list of a best grill in each state and twice crowned a St. Louis area grill a winner.

For Missouri, Big Baby Q and Smokehouse (11658 Dorsett Road, Maryland Heights; 314-801-8888) reigned supreme. And for Illinois, a No. 1 mark went to Belleville’s dear BEAST Craft BBQ (20 S Belt W, Belleville, Illinois; 618-257-9000).

In other words, either we expostulate easterly or west out of downtown St. Louis, you’ll strike one of a nation’s really best grill spots in 30 mins or less. How many other cities can contend that?

(We’ll answer a possess doubt here: None.)

Of BEAST, Food Wine notes, “How good is Beast Craft BBQ, here’s how good— adequate to get people to expostulate a half hour or some-more from St. Louis, a city not now brief on barbecue, to contend a least. In fact, there are those that will tell we that David Sandusky’s American wagyu-style brisket, not to discuss his unchanging brisket (prime), and his high-quality pork, represents some of a best grill we can get in St. Louis right now. Period.” Hey, we pronounced it here first!

Not be outdone, here’s what Food Wine says about Big Baby Q: “Ben Welch, in tandem with his artist dad, smokes a good St. Louis-style rib, along with some of a improved brisket in town. Only in existence given 2016, this is one in a healthy stand of renouned new spots that have livened adult a informal grill scene. Welch already has his sights set on new projects, recently contrast a waters for another grill thought with a array of pop-ups — all a some-more reason to be here now.”

The square gives copiousness of other St. Louis eateries a large shot-out, inventory can’t-miss specialties that include, in a difference of a authors, snoot during Smoki O’s, “smoked primary rib during The Wood Shack, smoked salami sandwiches during Adam’s Smokehouse, turkey tips during a Gobble House in Creve Coeur, Memphis ribs during Pappy’s, burnt ends and rib tips during Dixon’s Smoke Company, and flattering most anything during Salt + Smoke. And no, nobody’s forgetful about Kansas City, where we should cancel all your other plans, go directly to L.C.’s Bar-B-Q, and sequence a burnt ends.”

(Doesn’t it sound like a authors themselves kind of forgot about Kansas City? Or during slightest now cruise it an afterthought in light of St. Louis’ bounty?)

Still, as most as we’re basking in a double honors, we can’t assistance though demeanour forward to whenever Food Wine next does this kind of list — since in a entrance months, BEAST is opening a second location, this one in Missouri (five mins from downtown, not 30).

And so subsequent time, Illinois’ best grill only competence take on Missouri’s best grill for a conflict of St. Louis. How sparkling will that be — for metropolitan bragging rights and for a bellies?

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