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Babli Sajji Dera

Fish is mostly consumed here in winters. Barbeque a fish and you’ll have a culinary knowledge we will soap-box about for a prolonged time. Babli Saji Dera offers fish sajji – cooking weak fish placed between dual grills and baked on coal.

Standing behind a grill, Usman Tariq, son of a shop’s owner, places a beef on skewers and adjusts a coal. “We need to accommodate orders soon and make certain no one is kept waiting,” he says. Babli Sajji Dera is a oldest sajji dilemma in Mozang, he adds proudly.

He offer says they customarily sell fish sajji in winters and people adore it though duck sajji is their explain to fame.

The flavoursome rice concomitant a fish sajji complements it beautifully. It has clever records of star anise. The fish is flaky and baked to perfection.

The residence of a emporium is 96 Temple Road. It’s a roadside set adult and does not have correct seating arrangements. The food they serve, however, creates adult for it. To place orders greatfully call Muhammad Saddam during 0321 6375037

Word to a wise: You can't do what we do [that is, make fish sajji] so it’s best we come over to a dilemma and suffer a best fish sajji in city — Usman Tariq, son of a owner


Taste 4.5

Hygiene 3

Value For Money 4.5

Service 2.5

Grill n’ Bake

If we adore your barbeque slathered in spice, a food during Grill n’ Bake will make we rethink your food philosophy. “The peculiarity of a beef we devour should pronounce for itself,” says Afrin Hussain, owners and buying manager of Grill n’ Bake.

Hussain and his mother Saffana non-stop a grill to yield healthful food to beef lovers. The beef is set aside from a fire and is slow-cooked so that it retains a juices and does not char. “People tell us that we can't make kebabs though onions or fat…we do only excellent though them,” he says.

Grill n’ Bake’s kasturi boti and lamb chops are a contingency have. The chops are ginormous and a ambience of a lamb leads a flavour. Aseel Murgh, done from roosters bred to fight, is a tasty experience. Hussain claims that no other grill in a city serves whole-wheat naan and parhattas. The dish ends with a warn – a unpretentiously named meetha naan leaves a consumer wide-eyed in raptures. It is cleared down with chai done on coal.

The grill is situated on a dilemma of a prosy marketplace in L-Block Model Town Extension. For queries and reservations call: 0308 444 2253

Word to a wise: Do not be fearful to experiment. You’ll be vacant during a food we can make by simply going with premonition — Afrin Hussain, owners of Grill n’ Bake


Taste 4

Hygiene 4

Value for income 4

Service 4


Jehangir Meeruth Kabab House

What done a owners of Jehangir Meeruth Kabab House explain a obvious on barbeque dishes? Manager Muhammad Kamran believes it is their ancestor’s special recipe that they brought over from Meeruth in Uttar Pradesh in India following Partition.

“Barbeque was indeed a specialty of Meeruth,” he said. “How can others surpass in a cuisine that is a specialty?”

Kamran went on to contend that it is a reduction of 14 kinds of belligerent spices that done their food standout. “The coherence of any belligerent piquancy matters,” he said. “Our ancestors had set it adult years ago, that gives a perfect enjoyment of barbeque essence when we gnaw it.”

Spicy seekh kabab, their specialty, is served with paratha and chatni and is ideally cleared down with a cold soothing drink. Ending a dish with sooji ka halwa for dessert provides a wise culmination to a experience.

The grill has branches on Tipu Sultan Road and Sharae Faisal, nearby a Baloch Colony flyover.

For some-more information call: 0300 825 9656

Word to a wise: Bar BQ was indeed a specialty of Meeruth. How can others surpass in a cuisine that is a specialty? — Manager Muhammad Kamran


Taste: 4

Hygiene: 3

Value for money: 5

Service: 4

Abdul Ghaffar (PECHS Branch)

Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House is a good place to sup with family and friends. Their infrequent sitting area creates for a really gentle dining experience.

It is located on 4th Street, Delhi Mercantile Society, PECHS. It has dual branches, one in Port Grand and a other on Tariq Road.  Run by Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar as a family business, this grill is one of a many renouned places for grill lovers.

The food equipment they offer embody well-cooked and really good grilled duck tikka, reshmi kabab and malai boti. The restaurant’s congregation do not elaborate when they contend their food tastes out of this world.

The unchanging sequence is served with salad, raita and chutney. The raita is good blended though a chutney is zero to write home about. Their rates too are flattering affordable. A unchanging portion for four, with 3 opposite items, costs underneath Rs1,000.

Muhammad Usman, a server during a restaurant, says, “We have confirmed a peculiarity and [serving] apportion of a food. It is a peculiarity of a beef and mixture they use that creates their food standout from other barbeque outlets in Karachi,” he says.

The grill offers takeaway facility. There is customarily a prolonged reserve of people watchful to place their orders. Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House also takes vast orders for marriage and other ceremonies.

If we explain to adore food, we can't not try Ghaffar’s.

Word to a wise: It is a peculiarity of a beef and mixture we use that creates a food standout from other barbeque outlets in Karachi — Muhammad Usman, a server during Abdul Ghaffar (PECHS branch)

Tuba Athar


Taste: 5

Hygiene: 3

Value for money: 5

Service: 4

BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight, one of a oldest restaurants of a kind in a city, starts humming as a night wears on.

The grill commenced operations in 1988 as a tiny shop. Today, it has dual branches in a Malir Cantt and Boat Basin areas. The grill is on a pricey side and one needs to have during slightest Rs10,000 in their slot if they are profitable for their family and friends. The BBQ special platter that includes grilled prawns, fish tikkas, mutton ribs, reshmi kabab, duck boti, Afghani tikka, malai tikka, mutton boti and kabuli pulao costs Rs7,250. It is served with raita and special flatbreads. BBQ Tonight’s special flatbreads embody Kandahari nan, roghni nan, paratha, garlic nan, qeema nan, duck qeema nan and whole-wheat nan.

Operations manager Ali Zaman believes that it a peculiarity of beef that creates a grill mount out among a competitors. “No grill can opposition a peculiarity of a beef we use,” he said.  Zaman says that a spices used in their food are a best income can buy. “We marinate beef in a special pulp that includes garlic juice, salt, red chili and white pepper,” pronounced Zaman. “The cooking beef is grilled after requesting butter to it. This creates it a provide for a ambience buds.”

For some-more information call 111-227-111

Word to a wise: No grill can opposition a peculiarity of beef we use — BBQ Tonight operations manager Ali Zaman

Oonib Azam


Taste: 4

Hygiene: 5

Value for money: 4

Service: 5


Habibi Restaurant 

Habibi Restaurant, located in Hayatabad, is eminent for a barbeque opposite a city. Prices here are during standard with restaurants in Namak Mandi and cheaper than Bukara during a Pearl Continental hotel. Chief administrator Aslam Jan pronounced all during a investiture was offering in gripping with aged etiquette and traditions. “This creates us mount out among a competitors,” he said. Jan combined a grill could arrange private barbeques for adult to 50 people and a grill offers home smoothness though a use was limited to a precincts of a city. The Habibi special BBQ platter costs Rs2,600,  Habibi special malai tikka is labelled during Rs320, barbequed duck during Rs440, barbequed fish during Rs320 and barbequed quails during Rs360.

Word to a wise:
Everything during a investiture is offering in gripping with aged etiquette and traditions. — Habibi Restaurant chief
supervisor Aslam Jan


Taste: 5

Hygiene: 5

Value for money: 4

Service: 4

Bukhara during a Pearl Continental Hotel 

Bukhara is one of a latest additions to a hotel’s restaurants. Pearl Continental food executive Ahmad Khan pronounced a grill had warranted plaudits for a food and service. “Those who representation a dishes on offer here are firm to lapse for more,” he said.

Situated during a hotel’s rooftop, a grill offers breathtaking views of a aged city including Bala Hisar. Customers are also regaled with folk song during Bukhara. The barbeque smorgasboard offering during Bukhara creates it a gastronomic force to reckon with. However, a food tends to be on a costly side. The grill also offers a operation of catering services. The staff during a grill surpass during what they do and Bukhara’s kitchen is staffed with means chefs. Rigorous standards of hygiene are confirmed during a restaurant. Auditors customarily check hygiene standards. The beef used during a grill is not overwhelmed by palm as it is processed by programmed machines.

Word to a wise: The grill has warranted plaudits for a food and use — Pearl
Continental food executive Ahmad Khan


Taste: 5

Hygiene: 5

Value for money: 4

Service: 5

Kabul Restaurant

Kabul Restaurant, Islamabad’s colonize Afghani barbeque dilemma sits amid a bustling Jinnah Super Market in Sector F-7 and merits any foodie’s visit. The proposal charred beef cooking regulating salt, garlic, lemon and unfeeling oil is amiable adequate to fit everyone’s palette.

Afghani kebabs and tikka boti that come on a skewer with pickled grilled tomatoes, joined with a honeyed and immature chutney prepared regulating immature chilies, immature tomatoes, vinegar, home-grown coriander and packet is a provide for a ambience buds. Hot, feathery whole-wheat naan is served with a appetizing food, creation a knowledge even better.

Muhammad Javaid, a chef, who has been operative during a grill for a past 15 years, says, “We start scheming a beef during 4am any day. Our food is healthy and softly flavoured, that is because people of several nationalities suffer it.”

Javaid says their clients are from several socio-economic brackets given a cost for a dozen skewers of any kind of beef is reduction than Rs500. Sides such as raita, achar and chutney cost Rs60 each. Other specialties during a grill embody Kabuli pulao and kofta challaw.

Word to a wise: Prepare barbeque regulating uninformed spices and herbs, not powdered spices. You could supplement lamb fat to all beef even duck — Chef Muhammad Javaid

Huma Choudhry


Taste: 5

Hygiene: 4

Value for money: 5

Service: 4


Des Pardes 

Think barbeque and one is spoilt for options in a capital. Ranging from Lebanese and Turkish recipes to Afghani and Irani delicacies, there is a farrago of multicultural cuisines for a normal beef lover.

As distant as a Pakistani accumulation is concerned, a oriental grill Des Pardes is not to be outdone. The grill boasts a pretentious perspective of a Margalla Hills, unaware a sprawling Saidpur village.

The grill exudes a rustic, laidback aura with some outlandish food options. Traditional charpoys and cushions make for a cosy outside environment so that one can take in a ambience and suffer a softly sharp food.

Three of a many renouned barbeque equipment on a menu are mutton chops, duck malai boti and fish tikka.  The duck tikka comprises corpulent boneless, cubes of duck baked on colourless with a tawny texture.

The Makrani fish tikka is a pleasant multiple of Beckti fish cooking with yellow salsa baked on colourless and served with sharp sauce. Served in particular platters, a selections are joined adult with dips such as raita, imlee chutni, immature chilli chutni and packet chutni.

Mutton chops are roasted over a low flame, lending them a evil crispy and crunchy hardness on a aspect and a luscious core with a sour flavour.

The grill that prides itself over scheming uninformed barbeque, also takes smoothness orders. It also has a bend in Sector E-11. For queries greatfully call 051 8431234

Word to a wise:
Mutton chops are roasted over a low flame, lending them a evil crispy and crunchy hardness on a aspect and a luscious core — Assistant cook Muhammad Imran

Maryam Usman


Taste: 5

Hygiene: 5

Value for money: 3

Service: 3

Published in The Express Tribune, Jan 18th, 2015.

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