The Daring Thing This Bold BBQ Restaurant Plans To Do Is Sparking Debate As …

May 9, 2015 - bbq set

In a pierce certain to glow adult another turn of debate over a rights of a private business to control a affairs as it sees fit, a small BBQ grill in a small northern Colorado city is formulation a rarely argumentative event. The owners of Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ in Milliken, Co., are removing set for “White Appreciation Day” subsequent month, when white business will get a 10% bonus on their meals.

What creates this anti-PC eventuality generally surprising is that a folks who run a eatery are Hispanic. And they’re dynamic to go forward with their one-day bonus for white business even yet state authorities have pronounced a pierce could move them all sorts of regulatory grief.


One of a owners of Rubbin’ Buttz, Edgar Antillon, told a contributor for 9News out of Denver that he’s really informed with discrimination, as he’s been a aim of it himself.

“Antillon says a bonus isn’t meant to discriminate, though instead move people together. He combined that he has been a aim of injustice in a past. He hopes opening adult a contention will prompt others to consider differently about race.”

By clicking on a video above, we can watch a 9News news on this daring small BBQ corner that’s removing national courtesy for doing something few, if any other restaurants, would brave to try.


h/t: USA Today

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