These guys try Korean BBQ that ranges from $24 to $346 and establish if it’s value it

December 19, 2016 - bbq set

These guys are famous for their trips to go and try food for a folks over during Buzzfeed, and they set off again along with a new messenger to try a cheapest and many costly Korean BBQs in Los Angeles. They found their approach to some flattering cold places.

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Korean grill is characterized by tiny cuts of beef that are grilled in front of a grill goer, and a contingent of food tourists schooled a lot about a techniques used by Korean BBQ operators, as good as a lot about Korean culture.

There are a ton of reasons to knowledge Korean BBQ, and these guys visited a common all-you-can-eat place, a smart mid-level grill and a high-roller place with beef of extraordinary quality. Their tabs ranged from $24 to $346, a flattering extraordinary disparity.

Although it all looks delicious, we can unequivocally see a disproportion in a peculiarity between a beef of a initial grill and a beef of a final one.

It all looks extraordinary to us, though.

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