They call him a ‘BBQ Bandit,’ though so distant his crime-spree lacks some pivotal ingredients

May 11, 2018 - bbq set

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has a bit of a poser on a hands.

According to a Wednesday Facebook post, deputies are still seeking a think they have labeled “The BBQ Bandit.”

“We see unequivocally bad crimes, and we see tiny crimes, and afterwards we see crimes like this one that make us usually say, ‘What a Smurf is this?’ Regardless, they’re all still crimes, and we’ll examine them all.”

The think has been allegedly committing a array of robberies in a same carport in Lakeland via a month of April.

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The bauble here: The chairman in doubt seems to usually splash barbecue-related supplies.

Starting on Apr 12, a unclear pirate entered a aforementioned carport during around 5:45 p.m., nicking dual bags of charcoal, a sheriff’s news states.

Four days later, during 2:37 a.m., a BBQ Bandit revisited a scene. “This time, he’s in need of some gasoline, so he takes a full five-gallon can.”

On Apr 21, notice video again snagged a criminal in action, during 5:08 a.m., though zero was taken.

“He possibly forgot what he came for, or a carport usually didn’t have what he was looking for. Was he awaiting steak, chicken, or pig to be available?” jokes a post.

April 28 was a growth individual’s final revisit to a carport. In this instance, he stopped in during 9:55 p.m.

“Again, BBQ Bandit was usually browsing or couldn’t find what he was looking for. He hasn’t been behind since. Maybe he suspicion he wasn’t removing good patron use like, ‘Hello, BBQ Bandit, acquire to my carport. Is there anything special we can assistance we find here to steal? Perhaps a grill? Or a good set of tongs? If we follow me to my kitchen, we can uncover we some uninformed steaks.'”

The think appears to be in his late 30s or early 40s and wears a same set of New Balance boots in any of a visits.

“So he’s substantially a Dad, since that’s a spot-on outline of a Dad right there. If that’s a case, beware, he might have an arsenal of bad Dad jokes, that are worse than even a jokes,” reads a post.

With Memorial Day entrance up, there’s a probability this chairman might be back.

If we commend a BBQ Bandit, a PCSO asks that we call Detective Walsh during 863-499-2400. Or, if you’d like to sojourn anonymous, and be authorised for a money reward, call Heartland Crime Stoppers during 800-226-TIPS (8477)

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