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February 21, 2017 - bbq set

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Q Heads are a extraordinary lot — cultish in their friendship to certain high priests of a pit; peaceful to wait in a five-hour line to measure a perfect, barky brisket; officious stubborn in invulnerability of one salsa over another — or proud of salsa altogether; clinging to mesquite or bending on hickory and/or ash … A lot of impolitic celebration of Kool-Aid has left on, if we ask me. It’s usually smoked meat.

Or is it? San Antonio, never a grill beachhead, competence finally have acquired a place estimable of queueing for ‘Q. On my initial try to measure some classical brisket during 2M, we arrived around 12:15 and had been in line for 10 mins when a proclamation came that it couldn’t be guaranteed there would be many of anything left by a time we breached a door. We took a spirit and split. The second time, in 30-degree weather, we arrived during a opening hour of 11 to find a line mostly inside; by a time we left, it was several low outward a door. Time No. 3, around 11:15, a line was even longer; it took me an hour from start to exit with my bag of paper-wrapped bounty. Time No. 4 (47 degrees and misty), we arrived during 20 mins to opening on a Saturday to find about 20 people, some with folding stools, outward a sealed door.

Most of a acolytes-in-waiting seemed to be typical folks, not wild-eyed zealots. Their budding friendship had apparently been desirous by a internal boy, Esaul Ramos, who had returned to San Antonio, still wreathed in dedicated smoke, after an tutelage during an iconic Austin church of clods and ribs. His mission, and that of his business partner, Joe Melig: to set us on a loyal trail to BBQ enlightenment. Do they succeed?  Yes. And no. Here’s a tally:

Brisket: In a word, transformational. The bark, that essential, imperishable crust, is severe and peppery; a essential covering of fat underneath bathes a proposal beef in melting, mouth-coating goodness; there’s usually adequate fume flavor.

Pork Ribs: No goopy glitter here — it’s mostly simple, piquant cloaking and beautiful, slow-cooking. The fall-from-the-bone beef is disarmingly honeyed as a result. No need for sauce.

Pulled pork: I customarily find this unsatisfactory — too soupy and mostly roughly tasteless. But during 2M, they have figured it all out, and blending in a bit of a crusty extraneous adds season and hardness to a whole.

Turkey breast:  This is not loyal ‘Q if we ask me, yet once you’ve spent an hour in line, competence as good try everything, right? we wouldn’t go there for this alone, yet it bests many other renditions hereabouts. Beautifully moist, due in partial to a dunking in melted butter, it’s easily hazed and discreetly peppery. Try a salsa with it.

Sausages: The pig sausage with jalapeño and Oaxaca cheese is another explanation — a cheese mitigates a chile heat, and both play good with padre pork. The beef sausage, on a other hand, provides decent snap and pretty strong season yet differently offers zero new.  Another good forgive to use a sauce, so …

Sauce:  This is apparently controversial, in partial since of a molasses-like benevolence and flavors such as celery seed. we like it, yet usually don’t find it required on many meats. Another version, presumably some-more conventional, is apparently in a works.

Sides: 2M has grown a mac and cheese with crumbled chicharron that’s a spiky prodigy in ambience terms and a gummy disaster texturally — yet it was reduction gummy on time two. The slaw is elementary and fine; ditto a component red potato salad. The house-pickled cucumber slices with chili flakes that come with any sequence are value a wait alone. 

And now behind to time 4 — a beef ribs: Available usually on Saturdays, they are huge, dauntingly dim … and a beating during a revisit due to a toughness of a middle lining, fat that’s reduction convincing than a brisket’s, and an additional of hubris in a pricing: $22 per half bruise —about one rib worth, half of that is bone. 

2M seems to have bumped San Antonio into a will-wait-for-food universe for improved or for worse — guess we’ll move a folding chairs subsequent time. 

2M Smokehouse 2731 S. WW White Road (210) 885-9352 // Best bets: Brisket, pig sausage, pig ribs, mac and cheese // The Skinny: 2M brings “BBQ criminal ganas” to SA flash a San Antonio take on Austin roots // Cost: $18-$22 per bruise Hours: 11am-4pm (or depletion) Thu-Sun

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