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November 3, 2016 - bbq set

With a second location set to open during a finish of this month, Beaver’s has finished some changes to a culinary team. The grill has split ways with longtime executive cook Dusty Sagaser and has brought in 3 new chefs: former Eleven Eleven executive cook Kevin Bryant as operations director, and Ed Roberts, who once worked with Bryant during Tony’s, and Arash Kharat, a pop-up cook behind a renouned Space City Cowboy moniker.

Together, a chefs will be operative to say a dishes people adore about Beaver’s (favorite like a hazed queso and bar bar aren’t going anywhere) while flourishing a menu by building on a bequest as one of a pioneers of portion Texas-style comfort food regulating locally-sourced ingredients.

The idea is to spin a grill from a rather quirky area hangout that’s mostly famous for a cocktails — Beaver’s was Bobby Heugel’s final stop before to opening Anvil — into a culinary finish that can be replicated opposite a Houston-area. Bryant expects to move some of his seafood knowledge to Beaver’s by adding tender and roasted oysters as good as some-more fish preparations.

“We wish to exam a marketplace on steaks and chops and violation down whole fish,” Bryant says. “The strange is super meat-centric with some vegetarian options, though we wish to enhance that. we consider it’s something both areas will enjoy.”

In further to adding seafood, a chefs also have a some-more desirous idea in mind — creation a critical pull to be partial of Houston’s grill boom. Beaver’s has always served barbecue, of course, though it’s never warranted many commend for it. That’s all set to change.

“I unequivocally wish to step adult and spend some time on a barbecue,” Bryant says. “It takes adult so many time and space on a menu that, if we’re not going to make it awesome, afterwards we competence as good take it off and chuck shrimp and forage on.”

Elevating a peculiarity of Beaver’s grill will essentially be Kharat’s shortcoming in his purpose as executive cook during a Westheimer location. Known for portion talented cuisine during pop-ups around town, a cook has also spent time operative with pitmaster Quy Hoang of Blood Bros. BBQ, Ara Malekian of Harlem Road Texas BBQ, and during eventuality with 44 Farms.

“I’ve spent a final integrate years assisting my buddies out, picking their brains, learning, flattering many operative for free, assisting them out,” Kharat says. “Learned how to run opposite smokers, trim meats, seasoning. Now it’s finally get tuned in. We unequivocally wish to do a successful grill module . . .  We wish to have a unchanging brisket, sausage. Any smoked critter is going to be 100-percent finished right.”

Like Bryant, Roberts brings excellent dining chops to purpose as executive cook of a strange location. In further to Tony’s, he many recently worked during a San Luis review in Galveston. Diners who visited Beaver’s final weekend got to representation a blackened ribeye that’s a initial pointer of his change on a menu.

“I’m vehement to work with Kevin again. I’ve helped him on a integrate of opposite adventures,” Roberts says. “It’s always fun to learn something new and to learn people new things. (I wish to) excellent balance what we’re doing here and get to know a customers. Find out what their likes and dislikes are, and exercise that on a new menu.”

Look for a Westheimer plcae to open during a finish of Nov or commencement of December, tentative final assent approvals and training. Roberts will hurl out a new menu during a strange Beaver’s in January. Then diners will get to confirm either they like what they taste. 

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